BLACK DIAMONDS – No-Tell Hotel (2021)

No-Tell Hotel‘ is the fourth album from Swiss rockers BLACK DIAMONDS and marks the follow-up to their 2017 release ‘Once Upon a Time’. With this recording, the band, which was founded back in 2004 by singer Mich Kehl and bassist Andy Barrels, hit the spot of the international audience for the first time.
‘No-Tell Hotel’ is a kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll album which brings back the attitude of the Sunset Strip of 1986, while musically it’s a varied showcase for the band’s musicality ranging from party-ready melodic tunes to sharp hard rockers.
The band’s extensive overseas tours and Festival appearances have certainly done them good though as this record shows not only a new maturity of songwriting but also…

BLACK DIAMONDS – Once Upon A Time (2017)

BLACK DIAMONDS – Once Upon A Time (2017)

Though they’ve been together since 2004, “Once Upon A Time” is only the third release from Swiss melodic hard rock act BLACK DIAMONDS, but listening to this new album for AOR Heaven Records, you’d be easily fooled into thinking that this was some long lost artifact from 1987. With hooks aplenty and a boatload of crispy & crunchy guitar riffs,...

BLACK DIAMONDS – Perfect Sin (2013)

* This year has seen the rise of very good bands from Switzerland, and we need to add to the lot BLACK DIAMONDS with their great debut CD “Perfect Sin”.It’s a recording that’s hard wired into Europe‚Äôs modern Melodic Hard Rock zeitgeist with a touch of glam, plushly fitted out with compact choruses, memorably melodic hooks and a driving, urgent...