BJÖRN STIGSSON – Together With Friends [Limited Edition Gold CD Remastered] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

The cult classic album “Together With Friends” from guitarist BJÖRN STIGSSON (Leviticus / XT) is getting the full remaster treatment for the first time on this just released Roxx Records reissue, a limited edition pressed on gold CD. A much needed remaster that makes this 1987 melodic hard rock / AOR album sound better, featuring upgraded artwork as well.
Making justice to its title, Stigsson called some talented Swedish musicians / friends for the recording, including 2 male and 1 female vocalists, including AOR expert Peo Pettersson.
“Together With Friends” stands the test of time as nothing less than a first-rate hard rock album. When taking into consideration the quality of its songwriting in addition to the top-notch talent performing on it, I cannot help but think the album would have sold a million copies if given the same promotion as Stryper’s ‘To Hell With The Devil’ just…