So80s presents BILLY IDOL – Curated by Blank & Jones [remasters] + New 2021 single

BILLY IDOL ’80s albums are a truly representation of that decade sounds, combining synthesized and sequenced rhythms with flashy guitar work into a rock&pop song-package. Although a bit cheesy at times, you can’t deny the catchiness of Billy’s stuff and the quality in Steve Steven’s six-string playing, one of my favorite rock guitarist ever.
Extended and alternate mixes were popular during the Eigthies, and Billy’s songs were one of most the prolific artists in that matter. The good thing about these versions is that they weren’t always designed as dancefloor alternates, most of these really rock.
Producer Keith Forsey and the other knob experts involved recorded and remixed these multi-track tapes with as much force as possible, and Stevens’s robot noises pierce the metronomic pulse.
The Blank & Jones is a team specialized in ’80s music, and together with Idol’s original label are publishing in Germany a CD series called “So80s presents“.