FIREHOUSE – Good Acoustics +1 [Japan Metal Masters Series remastered]

As requested, here’s the not easy to find Sony Music Japan ‘The Metal Masters Series’ release of FIREHOUSE album “Good Acoustics +1“, including a bonus track and digitally remastered.
This fourth studio album featured acoustic versions of several of the band’s biggest hits, but also four new songs. New superb songs for sure: ‘You Are My Religion’ ranks among their best written tunes, “Love Don’t Care” is rich in dynamics, while “In Your Perfect World” is simply delicious.

FIREHOUSE – 3 [Japan Metal Masters Series remastered +3]

As requested, here’s more from the Sony Music Japan ‘The Metal Masters Series’ of FIREHOUSE albums remastered and including bonus tracks. “3“, the lovely Firehouse third record, feature among the bonuses the really hard to find ‘Christmas With You’ and the hit ‘I Live My Life For You (More Acoustic)’. Firehouse are one band that no one can say was...

FIREHOUSE – Hold Your Fire +2 [Japan Metal Masters Series remastered]

As part of the Japanese Sony Music Metal Masters Series, here’s FIREHOUSE second effort “Hold Your Fire“, fully remastered including two bonus tracks. FireHouse’s “Hold Your Fire” sports *The Sound* that defined the Melodic Hard Rock genre between 1990-92. And coupled with truly awesome songs. Again produced by master David Prater, the sophomore release from the North Carolina band has...

BILL LEVERTY (Firehouse) – Divided We Fall (2020)

Fans of melodic rock just closed their eyes and clenched their fists while exhaling a celebratory “Yessss!!” That’s right, Firehouse’s guitar player BILL LEVERTY is releasing a new album titled “Divided We Fall“. Leverty is an extremely underrated guitarist, but even more so, he’s one of the most underrated songwriters in the rock world. He’s proven his worth many times...