BILL CHAMPLIN – Livin’ For Love (2021)

Do you remember the days of buying an album, reading all of the credits, listening to the record from the first song all the way through to the very last note on the record then going back to listen to it because there was a cool guitar riff, solo, or bass line that made you go back and think how awesome the song is. I remember those days very well.
Listening to “Livin’ For Love“, the new album by legendary musician BILL CHAMPLIN, you feel that way again. The new record is a collection of 14 great songs, all good as individual singles, but more enjoyable playing the disc from start to finish.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January / March 2021 – Vol.4

New Year, very good new music / albums to come. Here we have our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases, the second 2021 batch, featuring top class artists / singles.
Among the numbers into this “January / March 2021 – Vol.4” advances we find new music from THUNDER, JOEL HOEKSTRA’s 13, CHEZ KANE promising debut, JORN, Black Star Riders’ RICKY WARWICK, new AOR project BLUE DESERT, BILL CHAMPLIN, and more.

TOBB – True To Our Sound [Digitally Remastered reissue] (2019)

Formed by session musicians, Norwegian band TOBB started as a playing ground for friends, all with the love for ’80s AOR / West Coast music, and since 1987 has been touring on and off, mostly playing their own cover versions of AOR classics.
In 2010 TOBB had the great fortune and honor of touring with legend Bill Champlin, and he encouraged the band to record his lost song ‘Sweet Marie’, a track that didn’t make it on the legendary Chicago 17 album.
Inspired by Champlin, TOBB started recording their own original material which had been neglected for years. The result is the album ”True To Our Sound”, and the title speaks for itself.
Now the songs have been slightly remixed / remastered, as all members thought they needed some tweaks.


* Toto singer Joseph Williams and exquisite Swedish guitarist Peter Friestedt released together a wonderful album two years ago. Then last year joined forces with former Chicago voice Bill Champlin for an European Tour with an All Star Band: Bill’s wife Tamara Champlin on vocals, Herman Matthews (Kenny Loggins Band) on drums, Norwegian top-notch bassist Per Mathisen (Bill Bruford Group)...