BETWEEN WORLDS (feat. Ronny Munroe) – Between Worlds (2021)

BETWEEN WORLDS is the vehicle for vocalist Ronny Munroe (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) to highlight his incredible vocal talents. Written and produced in partnership with Alessandro Del Vecchio, this debut album to be released by Frontiers Music is a must hear for fans of classic melodic metal.
Munroe and Del Vecchio got in touch at the end of 2019 with the idea of writing some songs together and creating a musical project centered around Ronny’s vocal abilities and songwriting. Alessandro invited his longtime songwriting partner Pete Alpenborg to join forces with them and sent the first four demos to Frontiers, who moved quickly to sign them to the label. Between Worlds was thus formally born.
Fellow Trans-Siberian Orchestra members Johnny Lee Middleton, Jack Frost, and Chris Caffery (also of Savatage and Spirits Of Fire), and Joel Hoekstra (also of Whitesnake) among others contributed.
It’s all pretty strong material, well produced with a punchy mix.