BENJAMIN ORR – The Lace [Wounded Bird Records remastered] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Out of print and fetching ridiculous price at auction sites, Wounded Bird Records has reissued their remastered version of The Car’s founding member BENJAMIN ORR only solo album, “The Lace“.
With guitars handled by session whiz Michael Landau and bandmate Elliot Easton, and co-production / keyboards courtesy of talented musician and longtime Joni Mitchell collaborator/then-husband Larry Klein, the musicianship was top-notch, and the same can be said for the majority of the songs, all of which were co-written by Orr with his fiancée Diane Grey Page.
Originally appeared in 1986, “The Lace” is pure ’80s from every corner: this is a terrific slice from the golden era with ‘that soun’d – co-produced / engineered by the great Mike Shipley (Def Leppard, Scorpions).
The atmospheric AOR Top 40 single “Stay The Night” still is a classic radio staple, and one of the best representation of the ’80s.
If you are fan of classic ’80s hi-tech AOR with a heap of keyboards and an excellent singer, then ‘The Lace’ should be a compulsory acquisition. For me, it’s a must have.
A Must
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