BARFLY – No Place Like Home [1991 / Unreleased] Remastered Ltd bootleg CD *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Now we have here a rarity amongst rarities: the New York 5-piece melodic hard rockers BARFLY unreleased album “No Place Like Home“. BARFLY was formed in the late ’80s by lead guitarist Nick Bowcott when Grim Reaper broke up. Including renowned musicians, ex members from Spread Eagle and Big Mouth, BARFLY developed a potent and melodic rocking sound and got signed by major label RCA.
Produced & mixed by top cats Jack Ponti & Michael Wagener, their debut album “No Place Like Home” was ready at the end of 1990, promotion and merchandising in the making, but inexplicably the release was shelved.
Only few promotional / testing cassettes were distributed, and since then “No Place Like Home” remains into obscurity. It’s strange none of the reissue labels put out this album until now, as the quality here is all over the place, a killer mix of Danger Danger, Hurricane, first Damn Yankees, Warrant, etc.
This is taken from a very limited bootleg CD with a cleaned, remastered sound.
Terrific stuff, collector’s item, Only at 0dayrox