BAND OF BROTHERS (SE) – Two (2020)

Honoring their name, BAND OF BROTHERS (SE) is Swedish 4-piece formed by brothers, all professional musicians, 3 of them members of melodic hard rockers ANGELINE. This side project started earlier the past decade as a songwriting exchange between brothers bass player Ulf Nilsson and singer Christer Nilsson, with some 20 plus demos sent back and forth from Ulf’s home in Gothenburg and Christer’s home in the small mid-Swedish town of Ljusdal.
Soon bro guitar player & producer Jocke Nilsson got involved, improving the songs and adding exquisite guitar work. When drummer Tobbe Jonsson joined the ranks, BAND OF BROTHERS was complete.
These guys grew up listening to timeless classic rock / hard rock with a bluesy foundation made with a sense of melody, fun, freshness and quality not easily seen in unsigned acts.
Take some of Mike Slammer’s CITY BOY, the catchiness of Canadians ADRENALIN and latter day LOVERBOY, a pinch of the bluesy melodic hard rock of BURNING RAIN and of course ANGELINE and you pretty much have the sound of BAND OF BROTHERS album “Two“.