BAD BOYS – Turn On The Radio [Digitally Remastered / first time on CD] (2020)

Digitally Remastered with a very good sound quality, American reissue label Metallic Blue Records has released “Turn On The Radio“, the album comprising the two mini-LP’s recorded in the second half of the ’80s by US melodic rockers BAD BOYS, a long concealed secret for most of us outside of the Salt Lake City rock scene.
BAD BOYS thrilled fans in the Utah area and eventually on the Sunset Strip in L.A. club circuit. The 11 tracks consists of professionally recorded material; five of the tracks taped in 1988 and the remaining six in 1989. All songs with the typically style of the melodic hard rock for the second half of the Eighties, but really well composed, performed and produced.
The title for this compilation was properly chosen, as there’s something of Firehouse, Blue Tears, Icon, Ivory Tower, etc in BAD BOYS’ delivery, melodic and with catchy choruses…