AYRON JONES – Child Of The State (2021)

Who is this dude looking as a rapper on the cover of his new album? No, we are not changing the musical focus of this blog; AYRON JONES is a rising singer / rock guitar star from America.
And he’s not doing it with a look to modern radio: this is badass, bluesy rock n’ roll, Hendrix-inspired and with something-to-say lyrics. In fact, “Child Of The State” should sport a ‘parental advisory’ sticker at the front cover.
As he ascends in the rock world, he continues to break barriers. He explains, “Being black in the rock industry, I was forging a path into establishments and onto tours that had not previously embraced an artist like me. But the one thing that always changed minds and spoke for itself was the music.”
“Child Of The State” is one of the most exciting albums of the year. The new album from a star in the making called AYRON JONES…