AXEWITCH – Out Of The Ashes Into The Fire (2021)

Classic metal fans from the ’80s might remember Swedes AXEWITCH. They had a demo, a few EPs and 3 studio albums from 1982 – 1986, just starting to make a mark in the metal scene. After 30+ years 2007 saw them reunite, though it took till 2021 for them to bring out new material in the form of the properly titled ”Out Of The Ashes Into The Fire”.
Including mostly the original line up, their new album is a fairly straight forward sequel to their ’80s material, with of course greatly improved production values. The material feels like it could have easily been written back in 1986, though the sound is more refined, showing the band’s musical maturity.
Despite its ‘heavy’ cover art ”Out Of The Ashes Into The Fire” is extremely melodic and polished, some kind of a mix between Thin Lizzy, Praying Mantis, Accept and early Europe…