AUTUMN’S CHILD – ST [Japanese Edition +1] (2019)

Swedish outfit Last Autumn’s Dream decided to stop for a moment due to each member’s schedule was busy. But in the future, they are planning to get together again. In the meantime, frontman Mikael Erlandsson announced a new band, AUTUMN’S CHILD, with their self-titled debut album released by Marquee / Avalon (Japan) in December, at the end of 2019.
Joining Mikael are H.E.A.T’s keyboards player Jona Tee, Moon Safari’s guitarist Pontus Åkesson, Claes Andreasson (acoustic guitar, keys) and drummer Robban Bäck (Eclipse, W.E.T)
AUTUMN’S CHILD rocks much more than the Last Autumn’s Dream albums, always melodic yes, but more biting and with some killer guitar solos to boot. Of course there’s H.E.A.T, Eclipse, and WET influences, but also Brother Firetribe, Crazy Lixx, and even British icons FM…

AUTUMN’S CHILD – Angel’s Gate [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

AOR Heaven Records will release AUTUMN’S CHILD new album “Angel’s Gate” in February 2021, but as usual – and as happened with LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – the Japanese edition appears at the end of each year, ready for the Holidays.
With Last Autumn’s Dream put on hiatus, frontman Mikael Erlandsson formed AUTUMN’S CHILD last year and presented a self-titled debut. It is dream-team with a background in which each member is active or been a member in a well-known band such as H.E.A.T., Eclipse, WET, Moon Safari, Heartbreak Radio and of course, Last Autumn’s Dream.
“Angel’s Gate” is even better than the already stupendous self-titled debut. The songs are crafted at maximum detail, musicianship is pot notch, and production balanced, melodic.
A great way to end this complicated year listening this complete, compelling melodic rock album.
One of the best of 2020…