AUTUMN BRIDE – Undying (2021)

Despite being formed in 2016, ”Undying” is the first full length album from AUTUMN BRIDE. The band released some singles, but they wanted the necessary time to polish their full presentation to the word. Something accomplished listening to this solid ten-track debut.
According to the press release, I was expecting AUTUMN BRIDE to be a female fronted sympho combo. However, to our ears ”Undying” is much more melodic metal than anything, and a good one, even more with the few acts out there playing this type of music fronted by a female.
There’s some progressive moments all over the record, but more in common with prog metal than symphonic. Additionally AUTUMN BRIDE puts a slightly melodic goth touch on some tracks, which gives the band a distinctive sound.
A good, very interesting new band and debut CD, with strong, quite original songwriting & arrangements, solid performances and production / mix…