AUTOMATIC FIRE (ex Silvertide) – Automatic Fire! + No Decoy (out of print)

In between SILVERTIDE and SINAI, in 2009 vocalist Walt Lafty and bassist Brian Weaver of Silvertide started a new band called AUTOMATIC FIRE with guitarist Evil Rob from the band Peppers Ghost alongside drummer Brian Kilian from the Dave Pittinger Band.
A band where it’s singer out right told a major record label executive that “He needs to listen and not write down notes. If you need a note pad for music then you’re not listening at all”, showcased Lafty’s big middle finger to the industry, and AUTOMATIC FIRE managed by themselves releasing their first EP “Automatic Fire!” in 2009.
In early 2010, AUTOMATIC FIRE released a second EP titled ”No Decoy”. The album featured a song titled “What Are You Made Of?”, which SILVERTIDE had performed at some of their final shows in 2008.
Musically more modern and aggressive than SILVERTIDE, both AUTOMATIC FIRE EP’s became cult collector’s pieces. This is modern rock, but intelligent guitar-driven modern rock with essence and melody.