AURI – Auri II : Those We Don’t Speak Of (2021)

Originally born in 2011 from the special connection of female singer Johanna Kurkela, Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley, Finland’s AURI was first introduced to the world as late as 2018, with their self-titled debut album.Now complemented by the dynamic percussive talents of Kai Hahto, the threesome carves fantastical worlds entirely their own via the upcoming effort “Auri II : Those We Don’t Speak Of“.
AURI’s music is quite unique: there’s Celtic elements, folk touches, cinematic passages, and if you love GOT / Game Of Thrones TV series then you need to listen to this band.
It’s nice to know there are still artists out there who seem to want to do nothing more than add a little more beauty into the world. That’s what AURI have done with “II: Those We Don’t Speak Of.”..