ATTITUDE (Johnny Lima) – The Shitty Demo [first generation tapes / awesome sound] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Today we present here a little gem from 0dayrox members collection: the first official recording by American vocalist Johnny Lima with his band ATTITUDE. It’s funny: these unreleased recordings circulated among fans under the title “The Shitty Demo“, but sonically it’s far from that. The 11 songs here are multi-track soundboard professionally recorded songs even including special effects like major label productions / releases.
But this isn’t the copy floating among traders / fans, but a much better, awesomely sounding first generation tape, one of the few ever made.
Musically, it’s hard to believe why ATTITUDE never got signed by a record label. Recorded in 1989, it wasn’t too late for this genre – this is prime melodic glam / hair metal – and properly promoted ATTITUDE could’ve sold millions.
Think the first two DANGER DANGER albums – yes, it’s that good – a lost little gem and collect’s item only at 0dayrox