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At 1980 – Late Night Calls (2021)

At 1980, as a band, are relatively new in the synthwave scene – but their members are far from it. The duo is made up of noted music producer Adrian Quesada Michelena and his cohort, singer Josh Dally; the Brit synonymous with synthwave who has featured alongside timeless acts including Timecop1983 and FM-84.
We already featured here their 2020 debut album ‘A Thousand Lives’, and now At 1980 are back with an even better new effort titled ”Late Night Calls”, an emotionally charged display of creativity and passion.
It’s almost hard to think of ”Late Night Calls” as solely an album of the synthwave genre. Throughout each of the tracks At 1980 delivers really well composed songs crafted with that ’80s quality rock&pop / AOR feel, most of them backed up with electric guitars and real drums, elevating the sound to heights other artists in the genre haven’t even dared to reach.
A truly spectacular nostalgic-Eighties album that doesn’t pull any punches or falter at any step…

At 1980 – A Thousand Lives (2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

After the very good new TimeCop1983 album featuring the smooth lead vocals of Englishman Josh Dally, here we a have a wonderful band also formed by Dally and Adrian Quesada Michelena from Spain.
The band is named At 1980, and this alone give you an idea of the music packed inside their debut album “A Thousand Lives“. Additionally, there’s two female vocalists doing lead on one track each to provide variation.
This is a delicious collection of ’80s inspired synth-pop-rock tunes bringing back all the magic and atmosphere from that decade. The musical and vocal talents showcased on this record are at the highest professional level with the mixing and mastering spot on. It’s a…