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ARION – Vultures Die Alone [Japanese Edition +3] (2021)

After several decades of being put at the forefront of the European power metal movement, there have been zero signs of Finland’s signature take on it slowing down despite a number of sizable ebbs in the style’s commercial viability since the 1990s.
One of the more intriguing acts in recent years with a symphonic twist is that of ARION, an outfit that has been balancing the triumphant character of the sub-genre with a catchy, almost poppy sound production with impressive results since the early 2010s.
First worldwide recognition came in 2018, after the release of “Life Is Not Beautiful”, via AFM Records. New opus “Vultures Die Alone” is to be released in a few days, finding the band in a more mature phase. This advanced Japan Release includes 3 bonus tracks.

ARION – Life Is Not Beautiful [Japan Edition + Digipak bonus tracks] (2018)

The young Finnish melodic metal / power sensation ARION are back with a new album titled “Life Is Not Beautiful”, released today in Japan including an exclusive bonus track, while European Digipak will feature 3 extra songs.Arion has perfected their ‘commercial power metal’ here, with even more catchy choruses, some expansive arrangements and an overall huge production sound. “Life Is...

ARION – Last Of Us [Japanese Edition +4] (2014)

ARION – Last Of Us [Japanese Edition +4] (2014)

* Coming out of nowhere (in fact from Finland) ARION consists of 5 young (really young) fellows who have released one of the best, refreshing debuts of the year; “Last Of Us“.The talented quintet blends traditional hard rock and quality prog metal with commercial, catchy modern melodious rock for the masses. You’ve probably heard it all before, but I have...