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AOR – The Best Of Paul Sabu [Remastered + New Tracks] (2021)

Since Paul Sabu meet Frédéric Slama from AOR in 2012 and worked together on the first Chasing Violets album, a real friendship has emerged between the two musicians, with Sabu being part / providing vocals of almost all the AOR albums released since then.
The Best Of Paul Sabu” features all the songs from that collaboration all over 15 tracks, some rare only found on the AOR Japanese pressings, others as bonus tracks from the 2 Chasing Violets albums + 2 brand new tracks recorded specially for this project.
Along Paul Sabu you will find talented musicians such as Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper, Steve Walsh), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Linkan Andersson (Zoodrive), Martin Karlsson (Livin’ Parasite) & Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse).
The new songs were co-produced by Sabu & Denander.
If you like the AOR project with a touch of the rocking side of Sabu’s Only Child / Kidd Glove, you should fall in love with “The Best Of Paul Sabu”, a more ‘rocking’ affair from the AOR project.

AOR – The Ghost Of L.A. (2021)

Frédéric Slama is finally back 2021 with his new AOR album entitled “The Ghost Of L.A.”, consisting of 10 brand new tracks, arranged and co-written with Tommy Denander and where the Swede play most the instrumentation.
As happens with all AOR albums, “The Ghost Of L.A.” features great lead vocalists such as Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso (Chasing Violets), Steph Honde (Hollywood Monsters) and Markus Nordenberg (Coastland Ride, Pearls & Flames).
The CD’s theme is about the ever changing city of Los Angeles that lost its soul for a brand new world far from the recklessness of an era long gone. But the ghost of the ’80s is still haunting the streets of L.A.
With the help of top producers such as Denander & Sabu, Slama is offering once again a really solid album that will please…

AOR – The Colors Of L.A. [official reissue Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

In 2012 the AOR project were back with “The Colors Of L.A.“, featuring a great cast of talented musicians such as Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Joe Pasquale, Steve Newman, Philip Bardowell (ex Unruly Child), Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, David Foster, Michael Thompson, Vinnie Colaiuta and many more.
Co-produced by Tommy Denander, “The Colors Of L.A”, AOR’s 10th Release, is the perfect mix between Melodic Rock & Westcoast AOR Music and is now exclusively re-released by Perris Records.
This ultra limited edition has been remastered and features a different track list. The original CD is very hard to find nowadays – very high prices – so it’s time to complete your AOR collection with this limited reissue.

AOR – Next Stop L.A. [official reissue Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Recorded in the 80s & 90s, ”Next Stop L.A.” was Frédéric Slama’s 2nd AOR album released in 2001. Most songs on this album were only demos, re-recorded with different singers years later for the more ‘professional’ AOR releases.
However, these early versions – many taped in 1985 with the help of Michael Thompson, Carlos Vega, Richard Page – have their own charm, and the singers featured, while unknown, are very good.
”Next Stop L.A.” contains the blueprint of many songs that would become AOR (the band)classics later on. All tracks are completely different from the ones with the same name in more recent CD’s from the band.
Long time out of print, it’s now available again almost 20 years later, remastered.

AOR – Return To L.A. [Perris Records official reissue Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

In 2015 Frederic Slama released one of his best AOR albums called “Return To L.A”. This CD was a private pressing quickly sold out. I’m sure if you check your AOR album collection “Return To L.A” is missing for most of you. Additionally, the album / CD was pressed with a very low sound signal.
Now “Return To L.A” is being officially reissued / remastered with a proper sound quality by Parry Records.
If you are one of the thinkers that all AOR albums sound the same, you better check “Return To L.A”: this is one of the most rocking and consistent – if not the best – of all, featuring the likes of Jesse Damon (Silent Rage, Kiss), Tommy Funderburk (King Of Hearts, Airplay), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Rick Riso, Bob Harris (Axe, Steve Vai), Erika Norberg (Yngwie Malmsteen), Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), and of course Tommy Denander who co- produced the album.
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