ANTIX [produced by Don Dokken] – Get Up, Get Happy (Retrospect Records / first time on CD)

Also requested, pre-Serious Pleasure guitarist/singer Jace White band ANTIX, which managed to released this album in 1984 produced by Don Dokken, “Get Up, Get Happy“, reissued in CD for the first time by Retrospect Records.
Co-produced by Jeff Pilson together with Don, they provided to ANTIX a punchy hard rockin’ melodic sound indeed, similar to Dokken, XYZ, early Black N’ Blue, etc. The album worked very well but unfortunately internal troubles conspired against the band’s future.
Don Dokken & Pilson’s working schedule was so tight they split between the ANTIX album in the evenings and their own ‘Tooth And Nail’ during the day shift. Hence, you can tell there’s similarities between Antix and Dokken. However Antix’s music is more party-ready, with catchier, gang-style choruses…