AMERICAN TEARS – Free Angel Express (2020)

US pomp rockers AMERICAN TEARS will release their latest album ”Free Angel Express” tomorrow. It’s the third album the band have recorded since keyboard player Mark Mangold reformed them in 2018. The recording features Alex Landenburg (STRATOVARIUS) on drums, with guest appearances by Barry Sparks (UFO, DOKKEN), Doug Howard (TOUCH) and Charlie Calv (ANGEL, SHOTGUN SYMPHONY).
AMERICAN TEARS is a different musical beast to the other bands Mangold is associated with, namely TOUCH (who have a new album in the works), THE SIGN and DRIVE SHE SAID, but his signature melodies are all over the place.
All the better for it as he really gets to show off his undoubted keyboard skills.
Pomp rules.

AMERICAN TEARS – White Flags (2019)

Due to the very well received 2018 AMERICAN TEARS comeback album last year, the band has recorded a new record entitled “White Flags” which kicks it all up a notch. The only original member is Mark Mangold (Drive She Said), who also performs all instruments. Formed in the fertile musical environment of Long Island, New York, the band was initially...

AMERICAN TEARS (Mark Mangold) – Hard Core (2018)

Superb keyboardist Mark Mangold (Touch, Drive She Said) has resurrected his very first band AMERICAN TEARS for a new album titled “Hard Core” released by Escape Music on physical CD only.American Tears first surfaced in the Seventies and were a power trio focused around the keyboards of Mangold, who is the sole remaining original member on this album, and indeed...