AMAHIRU – Amahiru (2020)

AMAHIRU, the musical collaboration between Frédéric Leclercq (ex-DRAGONFORCE) and and Japanese female guitarist Saki (MARY’S BLOOD), will release its self-titled debut album on November 27 via earMUSIC in Europe and the U.S. and and Ward Records in Japan.
Frédéric and Saki’s friendship started in 2015 when MARY’S BLOOD opened for DRAGONFORCE in Hong Kong. They got along very quickly and it didn’t take long until they came up with the idea to collaborate on a musical project.
Coen Jansen from EPICA contributed keyboards, then comes Mike Heller, who has been known as a super drummer of FEAR FACTORY and RAVEN. Then Archie Wilson was invited to join the group. This powerhouse vocalist from the U.K. may be less known than other musicians involved in this band, but obviously he became the key to AMAHIRU’s music.
This varied, groovy, modern sounding classic melodic metal / hard rock with a touch of progressive, always melodic and interesting.