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TOMMY FUNDERBURK (Airplay / King Of Hearts) – Wishing Well [Unreleased]

Japanese indie / club collectors label AOR Moon / West Coast Sun has just put out one of their own pressed CD’s with TOMMY FUNDERBURK’s unreleased album from the ’80s: “Wishing Well”. The sound quality is excellent. Tommy Funderburk not only was the voice on the Airplay iconic AOR masterpiece album, but also sung harmony vocals on the most famous...

JAY GRAYDON – Airplay For The Planet [Remastered at 96k by Jay Graydon] (2017)

Uber talented LA Session musician JAY GRAYDON has been remastering himself all his back catalog and here we have in exclusive his “Airplay For The Planet” in its 96k sonic re-work plus new artwork. The sound quality is truly excellent.
Featuring on vocals the likes of Joseph Williams (Toto), Bill Champlin, Bill Cantos and the late yet always remembered Sherwood Ball and Warren Wiebe, “Airplay For The Planet” is mandatory for all West Coast AOR fans.

AIRPLAY – Airplay +3 [Japan Ltd. SACD Remastered by Jay Graydon] (2018)

Top LA Session musician Jay Graydon has been remastering himself all his back catalog and this version of the classic AIRPLAY album “Airplay” is the definitive, must have release. Pressed on high quality SACD / Super Audio / Hybrid CD miniLP replica, the sound quality is outstanding. And there’s 3 previously unreleased demo versions, which as you might suspect, doesn’t...