POLEY / RIVERA – Only Human [Melodic Rock Records Reissue +1]

As requested here’s more Ted Poley, the reissue of the out of print record he did with guitarist Vic Rivera (Adriangale / Crunch) while Danger Danger were inactive. POLEY / RIVERA‘s “Only Human” is a set of classic melodic rock / AOR tunes that will hit the bullseye for long time fans of both Ted and Vic.
“Only Human” is everything one expects from a Ted Poley release, with the added “crunch” of Vic Rivera, showcasing an extra special set of songs. While plenty of catchiness, the songs prioritizes riffs over melody.

ADRIANGALE – Suckerpunch! (2013)

* thanx to Brian Rademacher It’s been almost thirteen years since former Guardian vocalist Jamie Rowe hooked up with partner Vic Rivera to release the ADRIANGALE debut in 2000. The band gained a huge following in the Melodic Rock world and they haven’t looked back since.During that time there was periods of short silence as the band became CRUNCH but...