ACE MARINO – Digital Memories : Analog Emotions (2020)

Who is this guy with fake mustache who wears a mullet wig, cheap sunglasses and a Scorpions t-shirt (check the pic below) all the time? He’s LA City based ACE MARINO – the alter ego of James Ruehlmann, multi-instrumentalist / producer extraordinaire and a rising Synthwave hero who is releasing his first full album “Digital Memories : Analog Emotions“.
Ace Marino epitomizes everything it means to be part of the synthwave / 80s culture. From the neon purple headband to the signature bright synth tones and smile-inducing guitar chords (he’s a fan of 80s metal), Ace is here to bring the world a heavy dose of fun in the sun.
There’s radio-ready 80s poppy melodies, heavy metal guitar solos, different vocalists on each track and…