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AC/DC – Power Up [HDtracks Hi-Res] (2020)

This year AC/DC celebrated the 40th anniversary of Back In Black. Little did we know that the hard rock legends were poised to unleash another classic record in the bleak year of 2020. Charged up for the next decade, the band’s 17th studio album, ”Power Up”, arrives like an antidote to the malaise and a triumphant statement that rock ‘n roll knows no time and no age. AC/DC have a new set of anthems for a vastly different world.
As Angus tells it, ”Power Up” is a tribute to his brother Malcolm, just like ”Back In Black” was a tribute to Bon Scott.
”Power Up” is among the best AC/DC done since ‘The Razors Edge’. It comes down to some memorable songs…

AC/DC – Power Up (2020)

And finally one day happened; there’s a new AC/DC album in the pipeline. “Power Up” is the long awaited new album from AC/DC, and the band’s 17th studio album to be released next week. For “Power Up” the band reunited with producer Brendan O’Brien who helmed the double-platinum Black Ice in 2008 and the gold Rock Or Bust in 2014.
Charged up for the next decade, AC/DC cut twelve new tracks for the album, proudly maintaining their signature sound and all of its powerful hallmarks.
Featuring the classic lineup of Angus Young [lead guitar], Brian Johnson [lead vocals], Cliff Williams [bass guitar], Phil Rudd [drums], and Stevie Young [rhythm guitar] replacing the late Malcolm, the new album sees this timeless band firing on all cylinders once again.

AC/DC – Shot In The Dark (2020 single) + first rare AC/DC 7” with Dave Evans + Rarities

AC/DC have returned with their first new song in nearly six year years, “Shot In The Dark,” the lead single from their highly anticipated upcoming album ‘Power Up’. The song, as soon as it starts up, straight away, it’s classic AC/DC. Indeed, the track boils over with the band’s signature brand of energy, including fiery riffs and arena-ready vocals.
As extra we have the rare first AC/DC single ever, the Australian 7” ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ with Dave Evans on lead vocals, with excellent sound quality, plus one of the very early Bon Scott shows with the band (sound quality A++)

AC/DC – Rock Or Bust [HDtracks / Hi-Res]

We have featured here the entire AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, and while the band’s last studio album “Rock Or Bust” wasn’t remastered for these series, some of you asked for the HDtracks / Hi-Res release anyway.
The master is the same from the regular CD release, however, the files are taken from 96kHz / 24 bit tapes, and believe me, they sound fantastic.

AC/DC – Live At River Plate [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s ”Live At River Plate” has been remastered 2020 as part of the Hi-Resolution series. Rock Live albums have become ‘outdated’ since past two decades. Not for AC/DC. And glad they decided to record this “Live At River Plate” documenting AC/DC’s ‘Black Ice World Tour’, taped in December 2009 at the home stadium of Argentinian football most important club, River Plate.
“Live At River Plate” packs all the band’s hits, and ot’s the last live album to feature Malcolm Young before his retirement from touring due to dementia five years later and his death in 2017, and bassist Cliff Williams, who later left the band due to his retirement from the music industry in 2016.
Again there’s the question; do yo need a live album remastered? Listen to this Hi-Res and you’ll be surprised…

AC/DC – Bonfire [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

As part of the awesome AC/DC Hi-Res remastered series 2020, here’s the collector’s must have ”Bonfire”, originally a five-disc box set conceived to mark what would have been the 50th birthday of Bon Scott.
The release includes the two disc soundtrack to the movie ‘Let There Be Rock’ recorded in Paris, a live recording from the Atlantic Records studio in New York, a disc of treasurable previously unreleased early material, and a remastered version of their classic 1980 Back In Black album.
An essential collection for AC/DC & Bon Scott fans, collectors, and Classic Rock freaks.

AC/DC – Black Ice [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

As part of AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, here’s “Black Ice“. For eight long years they’d been silent. Then, seemingly out of the blue, AC/DC rediscovered their mojo with ”Black Ice” and became bigger than ever.
It had a higher strike rate than any AC/DC album since For Those About To Rock… in 1981. It proved to be their most successful record since then too.
Released on October 20 2008, it rocketed to No. 1 in 29 countries and had shipped six million copies by the end of that year.

AC/DC – Live (Collectors Edition +9) [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

As part of AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, here’s the killer “Live”, one of the best live albums from the ’90s. This is the ‘Collectors Edition‘, originally appeared as a double CD.
‘The Razors Edge’ album was a huge comeback for a band that never stopped, the tour was massive, and this resultant album is a document of this period. With period hits like “Moneytalks” and “Heatseeker”, there are a few songs you won’t get live on some other releases.
There are also a couple nice long extended Angus jams, if you’re into the solos. Lastly, AC/DC ”Live” is the only live album with then (and present?) drummer Chris Slade.
While no one will deny that Phil Rudd is “the man” when it comes to AC/DC, Chris Slade is well-liked and deserves his place in history. He’s even on the album cover.

AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Stiff Upper Lip” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. AC/DC rocked back into action with ”Stiff Upper” Lip on Feb. 28, 2000, almost exactly a quarter century since the release of their Australia-only debut High Voltage.
This 13th studio album proved once again that millenniums could come and go, but it would take a lot more than some silly Y2K hysteria to slow down this hard-rock institution.
In fact, that textbook AC/DC approach to blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll on steroids was never more in evidence than on ”Stiff Upper Lip”. Blues. That’s the foundation of this album, and I love it.

AC/DC – Ballbreaker [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Ballbreaker” has been recently remastered 2020 as part of the Hi-Resolution Audio reissue series. A 13th album turned out to be lucky for AC/DC: “Ballbreaker”, released on Sept. 26, 1995, continued their return to form after 1990’s masterpiece ‘The Razor’s Edge’.
Part of the reason for its success was the return to the fold of drummer Phil Rudd, who had left an impossible void to fill during his decade-long absence.
Plus, there was the news of the recruitment of super-producer Rick Rubin – master of the back-to-basics career resurrection – following his successful audition on 1993’s Last Action Hero soundtrack hit, “Big Gun.”
”Ballbreaker” showed us that with the proper tools in place – a persistent producer, metronome drummer, and a strong work ethic – AC/DC are capable of turning back the clock and reconnecting with the essence of their greatness and …

AC/DC – Backtracks / Rarities [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

Among the recent remastered 2020 reissued AC/DC catalog in Hi-Resolution Audio, there’s the ”Backtracks / Rarities” compilation, a must have not only for the band’s fans, but for all classic rock aficionados out there.
The release collects AC/DC’s studio rarities, all of the songs that the band recorded throughout their career that appeared on Australian-only LP releases, movie soundtracks, 7″ and 12″ single releases, CD “tour editions”, etc.
12 of the 18 tracks are completely unique songs that have all been remastered to match the sound quality of the rest of the Columbia Records AC/DC catalog reissues. The other 6 tracks are the original versions of songs previously only available on the original Australian albums.

AC/DC – Blow Up Your Video [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s 1988’s LP “Blow Up Your Video” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. At the time many journalists accused AC/DC of being dated in their musical style in 1988, according to them, not fitting into the hair metal boom.
I laugh it loud when I see bad reviews of this LP based on that affirmation. AC/DC always got their own style, and while since the mid-80s they adjusted things to sound more ‘suitable’ for the US market, the Aussie band never lost their identity.
“Blow Up Your Video” is a pretty killer and unique album in its own right, and I will tell you why…

AC/DC – The Razor’s Edge [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s cracking album ”The Razor’s Edge” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. For many, including us, is one of the best and most complete album by AC/DC.
In 1990, the album was a major comeback for the band, featuring the hits “Thunderstruck” and “Are You Ready”, which reached #5 and #16 respectively on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks Chart, and “Moneytalks”, which peaked at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The album reached #2 on the US Billboard 200 and #4 in the UK, a smash commercial success that returned the band to the popularity of its glory years of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Just wait to hear this kick ass remaster… “Thunderstruck baby!”

AC/DC – Who Made Who [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s mid-80s album ”Who Made Who” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Res Audio quality. With ”Who Made Who” AC/DC definitely entered into the American mainstream industry, as this is the soundtrack to the Stephen King film Maximum Overdrive.
While there’s only 3 new songs on the album, you need this 1986 release: most tracks are different from the originals – newly mixed – and “Ride On” sounds better than never here.
And of course, the title track: ”Who Made Who” is one of the greatest in AC/DC’s career, and a true ‘Eighties’ bass-pumped melodic rocker.

AC/DC – Fly On The Wall [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s mid-80s LP ”Fly On The Wall” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Res Audio quality. This has to be the most misunderstood and underrated AC/DC album out there. I love it, and it attracted me a lot more to the band because at the time hard rock was exploding in glam, and ”Fly On The Wall” worked as a shot of old school rock n’ roll.
”Fly On The Wall” is the great ‘lost’ AC/DC album and here’s why:…