A LIFE DIVIDED – Echoes (2020)

If something a little different is what you are seeking for your next musical adventure, then we introduce ​A LIFE DIVIDED ​and their latest album ​’Echoes‘​. Hard rock with an 80s synth mix and some aggression is the best way to describe these guys.
When we say the Eighties however we are talking full synth rather than the melodic sound of bands such as ​Bon Jovi ​or Whitesnake​. It’s some kind of synthwave meets metal, yet not ‘industrial’ at all: at places A Life Divided brings to mind Vega or Degreed.

A LIFE DIVIDED – The Great Escape [iTunes Edition] (2013)

* As addict to classic rock oriented music, sometimes I need a healthy dose of different sounds to de-intoxicate myself a bit from the melodious waves of our loved musical genres. It’s not an easy task, as modern music in general is a huge pile of garbage, but from time to time some intriguing proposals arise.Well, it happened to me...