213 – Three Little Words [recorded 1981, unreleased feat Jeff Porcaro] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

Preservation Records presents this extremely special project; soulful Westcoast jewel shelved for almost 40 years. The songs appeared to have been recorded in 1981 and were originally intended for a release on Warner Brothers Records. The band was a supergroup called “213” and consisted of session powerhouses such as Jeff Porcaro from Toto, Bill Meyers, Guy Thomas, Neil Stubenhaus, Carlos Rios, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Fisher, and Dave Boruff. Finally this album has a well-deserved release under the title “Three Little Words”.
Finding unreleased gems like this, shelved for decades, is just really rewarding. Especially when the production was a big budget thing.
Limited to 500 copies.