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DYNAZTY – The Dark Delight (2020)

Stockholm, Sweden-based killer rockers DYNAZTY issue seventh full-length studio album ‘The Dark Delight’ on April 3rd, 2020 through AFM Records. On every further release the Swedes add a pinch of hardness, new innovative influences without ever losing sight of their catchy melodies.
After first listen, all I can say is “The Dark Delight” is their biggest and most engrossing album so far and the logical step in the evolution of DYNAZTY. With guitar riffs like machinegun fire, fast and snappy as a shark combined with Nils Molin eminent voice soaring over orchestral arrangements and huge background vocals, “The Dark Delight” will leave you begging for more.

FURY (UK) – The Grand Prize (2020)

To be released worldwide on Thursday 2nd, April 2020, “The Grand Prize” is the new album from Worcester, England based rockers FURY. Still managed by themselves, Fury is ready for the major leagues with this third effort, where they mix the ’80s melodic hard rock influences with a vibrant, energetic modern sound production. What is clear into this new Fury...

EXPORT – Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye [Rock Candy remaster] full scans

Perfectly ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, “Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye“, the second and final album by British AORsters EXPORT it’s a mandatory item in your collection. The mastermind / guitarist of this band is no-other than talented Steve Morris, who later will enjoy success a part of terrific acts HEARTLAND, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION,...

EXPORT – Contraband [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

Remastered & Reloaded by Rock Candy Records, “Contraband” was the first major label album by British AORsters EXPORT. Export’s mastermind / guitarist is no-other than talented Steve Morris, who later will enjoy success as part of terrific acts HEARTLAND, IAN GILLIAN, SHADOWMAN, NEWMAN, GRAND ILLUSION, and many more. After a self-titled album on a small label in the early ’80s,...

LANESLIDE (Frank Vestry) – Flying High [Japan Edition +2] + Extra Track *EXCLUSIVE*

Frank Vestry’s last band project was the terrific LANESLIDE and their album ‘Flying High’, a great slice of classic Melodic Rock with AOR touches. The Japanese version of the disc “Flying High [Japan Edition +2]” (now out of print) included 2 bonus tracks. Some time after, LANESLIDE also contributed an unreleased track to the ‘V.A. We Still Rock’ compilation. Mr....

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS (Appice / Denander) – Thriving On Chaos [Japan Edition +1] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS are a prodigious music collective founded by songwriter / guitarist Steph Honde, including legendary Vinny Appice on drums and bass player Ronnie Robson as the core, who bring with them an amazing collaborative of Internationally known musicians, all that come with huge resumes, performing on the various albums and in the live spectrum.
“Thriving On Chaos” is their third, brand new album, and among the guests there’s talented Don Airey and his Hammond B3, while the disc was mixed / mastered by Tommy Denander, who also play guitar.

FRANK VESTRY (Marcello / Vestry, Laneslide) – My Collection (2020)

American vocalist FRANK VESTRY is releasing a new CD titled “My Collection” via Lions Pride Music, a selection of songs from the past works / bands he was part of throughout his career, including the awesome Marcello / Vestry project, Last Temptation, his recent album with Laneslide, Devias, Burning Starr and more, all remastered.
I agree with his words: “Without a doubt, this will be my best album to date and the one that I am most proud of. The music is comprised of so many different elements that there is something for every musical taste. These songs are some of my favorites, chosen especially for the melodic rockers. In addition, the album contains previously unreleased material as well as songs that are no longer available in print, but have been requested over the few years.”

NIGHTWISH – Human II Nature (2020)

Finnish / British / Dutch symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH will release their ninth studio album, “Human :II: Nature” on April 10 via Nuclear Blast. The long-awaited follow-up to 2015’s “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” will be a double album containing nine tracks on the main CD and one long track, divided into eight chapters on CD 2. Known for their bombastic sound,...

MICHAEL FLEXIG (ex Zeno) – World Of Tomorrow (rare CD / Out Of Print)

MICHAEL FLEXIG was the vocalist behind Zeno, the brainchild of German guitarist Zeno Roth (brother of the ex- Scorpions legendary axeman Uli Jon Roth), and both published a bunch of wonderful AOR albums in the ’80s-90’s. Some time ago Flexig decided to re-record 11 Zeno originals and release them into this CD titled “World Of Tomorrow”. This is a curious...

BONFIRE – Fistful Of Fire (2020)

Since formed, the combination of toughness and great melodies suites BONFIRE perfectly. The German Melodic Hard Rock Legends prove this with their newest studio album “Fistful Of Fire“, to be released April 3. The new record again has all trademarks typical to Bonfire: charismatic vocals, catchy riffs n’ hooks, and driving grooves. It features this very mix: throughout 11 songs...

SPEEDWAY BLVD. – Speedway Boulevard [Rock Candy remastered] full scans

Whichever way you shake a stick at it, the lone self-titled LP from studio creation SPEEDWAY BLVD. is arguably one of the greatest rocking albums from the beginning of the ’80s, which has received a great remastering treatment by Rock Candy Records. Speedway Blvd were a New York based act assembled by famed bubblegum impresarios Kasenetz and Katz. Looking to...

MICHAEL FLEXIG (Zeno) – Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3] + Euro Edition 3 Bonus Tracks (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Now this is a real gem; we are presenting in exclusive “Keeper Of The Flame [Japan Edition +3]”, the disc the ‘voice of ZenoMICHAEL FLEXIG has put together with previously unreleased material from this fabulous band.
Flexig said; “with this album I’d like to show you for the first time the most classic, authentic and fundamental songs of the band Zeno in their original versions. Many of those recordings have never been released before.”
This Japanese Edition includes 3 exclusive tracks, however the European edition also packs 3 exclusive tracks… we have ’em all.
A Must Have
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MASTEDON – “3” [Frontiers Records release +1]

While vocalist John Elefante is best known for his work in Kansas, having been part of the group during its Vinyl Confessions (1982) and Drastic Measures (1983) era, he has also had quite the productive solo career. It all started with the demo material he put together following his mid-Eighties departure from Kansas, which formed the basis of the first...

MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

After the success of their debut album in 1989, John and Dino Elefante released this “Lofcaudio” (1990), their second album with MASTEDON, on their own label. Now fully remastered and pressed on gold CD, “Lofcaudio [Gold Disc Remastered reissue]” also features an all-star cast, but most of them aren’t named because of legal issues with other record labels. “Lofcaudio” has four vocalists namely John Elefante, Dave Amato, Tom Bowes and James Dean Longacre, with the Amato and the great Michael Thompson on guitar, all of which are fitting the slick and polished AOR sound of this album perfectly.
Massive, full-scale AOR with lovely melodies, harmonies and layered sound straight out of the Kansas songbook.
Without a doubt one of the finest 1990 releases finally available again with a wonderful remastering.
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MASTEDON (Elefante Bros) – It’s A Jungle Out There +3 [Gold Disc Remastered reissue] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

John & Dino Elefante were, without a doubt, the best team producer of 80s American AOR bands with a CCM origin. The bros. formed their own band as well, MASTEDON, and their 1989 debut album ‘It’s A Jungle Out There‘ is a classic from the genre.
This 2020 Girder Records reissue on gold disc encapsulates all the magic of the original release now with the ultimate remaster done by John Elefante himself. The CD includes 3 Bonus Tracks, one of these an exclusive track for now collectible ‘California Metal’ LP.
Featuring the likes of David Pack (Ambrosia) on lead vocals, talented guitarist Dave Amato (REO Speedwagon, Danger Danger) who also provide vocals, or virtuoso bass player John Patitucci, this remastered reissue is A MUST for fans of pure, unadulterated late ’80s AOR perfection.
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