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FEE WAYBILL – Fee Waybill Rides Again (2020)

We didn’t see this coming… in fact, nobody seen this coming because there isn’t a Press Release at all: after almost 20 years FEE WAYBILL is releasing a new album, titled “Fee Waybill Rides Again“. Produced and co-written with his long time friend RICHARD MARX, both have been quietly recording this album since the last year.
And let me tell you, “Fee Waybill Rides Again” rocks awesomely. Don’t let be fooled by the ex- The Tubes age; he’s 70, but his vocals are intact. And not only that, Fee rocks here like a few with a collection of killer, uptempo melodic rockers full of nerve.
As said, no PR, but we know that some talented cats recorded here uncredited – one of ’em a guy called Steve Lukather…

PHIL X & THE DRILLS – Stupid Good Lookings (2019) + New Single 2020 *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s PHIL X & THE DRILLS last album and the just released 2020 single. When you become the lead guitarist in one of the biggest stadium bands in the world, you could be excused for sitting back and just enjoying the ride.
Not if you are Bon Jovi’s Phil X, who has released possibly his best work to date in the shape of his funnily titled ‘Stupid Good Lookings’ with his band Phil X & The Drills, making up this pool of catchy rocking tracks with great vocals & wonderful guitar work throughout.
Add to this a plethora of stellar guest drummers on each of the tracks and ‘Stupid Good Lookings’ results in a fantastic track list to add to anyone’s collection.

MARYANN COTTON – Hallelujah (2020)

After a three-year break, the original members of MARYANN COTTON are back with a new album titled “Hallelujah” to be released soon. Frontman Jackie Patino relocated to Las Vegas where he and bassist Hal Patino wrote the latest effort.
The album reaches back to a better time in Rock when hairspray was a key ingredient for the stage along with colorful PAR cans. Anyway, the most important of that time or the present are the good songs, and “Hallelujah” contains just that and…

ANGELES – Hell On High Heels (2020)

Veteran Californian hard rockers ANGELES, one of the most long-lasting indie US rock bands out there. are about to release their new album “Hell On High Heels“. Angeles first started playing Hollywood, CA in the early ’80s and has shared the stage with legends such as Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Bon Jovi, Michael Schenker, Dokken, just to name few.
Listening to “Hell On High Heels” it’s like living between 1984 – 1988 again. Angeles perform from the heart and refuse to give up their love of this type of music; this is melodic glammy hard rock like a mix of Y&T with Quiet Riot.

NEW DEVICE – Karöshi (2020)

London four-piece NEW DEVICE are releasing their new record, titled “Karöshi“. At their core, New Device are all about classic hard rock in the style of bands like The Treatment, Heaven’s Basement, some early Reckless Love and Bon Jovi.
While their ’80s influences are obvious all over the songwriting, the guys deliver a really well rounded modern production.

BENEATH THE SURFACE – Race The Night [Deluxe Edition Remastered +4] (2020)

For the first time officially released on CD, here’s “Race The Night [Deluxe Edition +4]” the debut album from UK rockers BENEATH THE SURFACE, rounded out by the group’s rare 1985 demo (with Shy’s Tony Mills on backing vocals, no less) completely remastered by Jamie King Audio.
Beneath The Surface had that signature UK melodic hard rock sound with traces of pomp, AOR, and classic melodic metal. Stylistically they were similar to early Shy, Bronz, Magnum, Tobruk and Shogun.

FIERCE HEART – Fierce Heart [remastered +3] [Limited Edition / out of print]

It’s hard to believe but three decades on from its original release in 1985, FIERCE HEART’s self-titled debut album never was reissued until recent time thanks to AOR Blvd Records, fully remastered and with 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. “Fierce Heart” is often hailed as an ’80s underground classic of the melodic hard rock genre that unfortunately never found its...

CHRIS ANTBLAD – Century (out of print)

CHRIS ANTBLAD might be a new name for casual listeners but for AOR die-hards, you know his involvement in the brilliant Spin Gallery album ‘Standing Tall’ from 2004. Chris was the main lead singer and co-writer along with Tommy Denander, but then he wanted to focus on a solo career. After years of collaborating with other songwriters such as Randy...

HAKEN – Virus (2020)

Originally scheduled for June, HAKEN‘s new album “Virus” has been delayed to the end of July. While one might think its title is inspired by the situation all of us are currently living in, it has actually been determined over a year ago and its connection to the pandemic is nothing but a result of weirdly accurate timing.
Musically Haken deliver a powerful statement with “Virus”, one that will have this album on many end of the year “Best-Of” lists. It does what great music is meant to do, takes you on a journey. And with ‘Virus’, Haken continue their journey atop the progressive mountain.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.3

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.3, your soundtrack for this Summer! TOKYO MOTOR FIST, the band featuring DANGER DANGER vocalist Ted Poley and TRIXTER guitarist Steve Brown, will release its sophomore...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.2

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.2, your soundtrack for this Summer! Guitarist JOSH RAMOS (Hardline, The Storm, Two Fires) has announced his new solo album, ‘My Many Sides’, to be released...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.1

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.1, your soundtrack for this Summer! Finnish melodic hard rock act BROTHER FIRETRIBE have announced that, due to current world events, the release of their...

MY WICKED TWIN (Doerner bros. from Helix) – 3 Engines (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Like a bolt out of the blue, MY WICKED TWIN (ex Helix brother twins Brent & Brian Doerner) have a new album out called “3 Engines“. A tight set with 10 songs in the 3-4 minute range, 3 Engines rocks.
‘Doctor Doerner’ and his bro have unleashed an album of catchy hooks that makes the songs almost familiar upon the first listen. There is that certain something that makes them easily recognisable despite being new and fresh. This different from their Helix days even though you will get some of that signature guitar sound. No matter what Brent does, the guitar always has that tone to the bone.
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The ”Lost UK Jewels” Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride *EXCLUSIVE*

Continuing with the awesome ”Lost Jewels” collectibles, here’s ”Lost UK Jewels Vol.9 ; DIRTY TRYX – Rough Ride“, featuring another rare band from the series, limited to 500 copies CD, already out of print.
Straight out of Bolton, Lancashire, UK, came Dirty Tryx that sold out the Albert Hall venue, had the legendary Derek Oliver on speed dial and a thousand plus members of their fan club.
This six-piece band delivers melodic hard rock in the vein of FM, Tobruk, Kiss Of The Gypsy, Glasgow, etc, and their quality music certainly deserved to be exposed.
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CHRIS ANTBLAD – Age Of Concord III ; The Last Day Of Summer (2020)

Swedish musician & producer CHRIS ANTBLAD (Spin Gallery) has been releasing several singles recently, month after month, something many musicians has chosen to present their music instead of a full album. As Antblad previously did, at certain point he put all these singles together and make a new volume of his “Age Of Concord” series. “Age Of Concord III ;...