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AC/DC – Black Ice [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

As part of AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, here’s “Black Ice“. For eight long years they’d been silent. Then, seemingly out of the blue, AC/DC rediscovered their mojo with ”Black Ice” and became bigger than ever.
It had a higher strike rate than any AC/DC album since For Those About To Rock… in 1981. It proved to be their most successful record since then too.
Released on October 20 2008, it rocketed to No. 1 in 29 countries and had shipped six million copies by the end of that year.

AC/DC – Live (Collectors Edition +9) [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

As part of AC/DC‘s remastered 2020 reissues in a Hi-Resolution Audio, here’s the killer “Live”, one of the best live albums from the ’90s. This is the ‘Collectors Edition‘, originally appeared as a double CD.
‘The Razors Edge’ album was a huge comeback for a band that never stopped, the tour was massive, and this resultant album is a document of this period. With period hits like “Moneytalks” and “Heatseeker”, there are a few songs you won’t get live on some other releases.
There are also a couple nice long extended Angus jams, if you’re into the solos. Lastly, AC/DC ”Live” is the only live album with then (and present?) drummer Chris Slade.
While no one will deny that Phil Rudd is “the man” when it comes to AC/DC, Chris Slade is well-liked and deserves his place in history. He’s even on the album cover.

LOUDGUNS – Sunset Runaway [Special Version +3] *EXCLUSIVE*

LOUDGUNS is an independent band from Finland formed in 2009 inspired by the classic Hard Rock / AOR sounds from the late ’80s. “Sunset Runaway” is their second album originally sold by themselves in limited quantities. They finally were picked up by an European label for an international release of this sophomore release in 2014.
A year after, Loudguns recorded a new single, but soon after singer Lassi Vääränen decided to join Arion. He was replaced by Olli Kärki, and with him the band recorded a third album, still unreleased.
Meanwhile, the band re-released “Sunset Runaway” by themselves including that last song with Vääränen, and two new tracks with Kärki on vocals as a teaser for the upcoming album.
Traditional Scandinavian hard and melodic rock with strong AOR touches is the name of the game on “Sunset Runaway”, and…

KROKUS – Heart Attack [Metal Mind Records remastered digipak]

Heart Attack” is the tenth studio album by the Swiss hard rockers KROKUS, the band’s first for American MCA Records and recorded in L.A. with renowned producer Michael Wagener behind the desk. The album saw the return of original Krokus founding member, bassist Chris von Rohr who also contributes piano and percussion
Requested by one of you, as far I know, this is the only remaster available of Krokus’ “Heart Attack”, done by Metal Mind Records, housed in a cool digipak, a limited edition to numerated 2000 copies, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc.

AT THE MOVIES – Scandinavian Stars Covering Famous ’80s Soundtracks [CD version +1] (2020)

The AT THE MOVIES project – launched by Pretty Maids guitarist Chris Laney due to the COVID-19 lockdown – caught fire over the last several months, with many fans asking that the ’80s soundtrack covers be made available on CD and vinyl. Well, the album will be released on both formats with complete artwork, and including as bonus track their...

SHADOW & THE THRILL – Sugarbowl (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

We’re presenting in exclusive at 0dayroxSugarbowl“, the upcoming debut album by SHADOW & THE THRILL. Shadow & The Thrill is the product of the talents of vocalist / guitarist Tony Cardenas-Montana, best known for his extensive tenure in Great White and it’s subsequent variation, Jack Russell’s Great White, and drummer / keyboardist Brentt Arcement, a renowned musician and producer having worked with the likes of Fiona Apple, BulletBoys, etc.
What we have here is a terrific collection of songs with a bluesy, rocking foundation in the style of Badlands, Night Ranger-Gary Moon era, Gary Moore, Tesla, and of course Great White.
Production is fantastic, crisp, and all these songs timeless and melodic.
Only at 0dayrox

HALESTORM – Reimagined (2020) + Vicious Stripped (2020)

Lzzy Hale has certainly helped to propel the girls’ club to the forefront of Rock-n-Roll, leading the multi-platinum HALESTORM to a Grammy Award win as she conquered the hearts of millions. Now she’s ready to invite Amy Lee (Evanescence) to the party, fall in love with Dolly Parton, and spit some fire as the band reinvent themselves on the ”Reimagined” EP, to be released hot on the heels of the ”Vicious Stripped” EP – two EP’s in row this 2020.

JUDITH ALICE – Into The Valley Of Madness (2020)

JUDITH ALICE was formed in Helsinki, Finland, by old friends June Stacy and Stan Ford in 2016. The nowadays five piece band has been creating a reputation as a wild live performer and a party maker since.
After a couple of singles, time has come, today, for the release of their debut album “Into The Valley Of Madness”, a collection of Sunset Blvd inspired hard rockers with the classic Scandinavian feel, that meaning sleazy n’ catchy, but extremely clean and polished in production sound.

TERRA ATLANTICA – Age Of Steam (2020)

In December 2014, German navigators Tristan Harders and Nico Hauschildt decided to leave the musical vessel they were part of and build a new one for themselves. They created a mighty ship called TERRA ATLANTICA, and their debut album narrated nautical stories related to the mythical city of Atlantis and other myths of the seven seas.
Now, in 2020 the band is returning safely to port from their newest journey that took them farther than ever before. On this new recording adventure titled “Age Of Steam” there’s again a concept, but this time taking us to the confines of the Earth, all wrapped by their commercial, accessible melodic power metal in the vein of a light Helloween, Axel Rudi Pell, etc.

AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Stiff Upper Lip” has been recently remastered 2020 and reissued in a Hi-Resolution Audio. AC/DC rocked back into action with ”Stiff Upper” Lip on Feb. 28, 2000, almost exactly a quarter century since the release of their Australia-only debut High Voltage.
This 13th studio album proved once again that millenniums could come and go, but it would take a lot more than some silly Y2K hysteria to slow down this hard-rock institution.
In fact, that textbook AC/DC approach to blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll on steroids was never more in evidence than on ”Stiff Upper Lip”. Blues. That’s the foundation of this album, and I love it.

AC/DC – Ballbreaker [HDtracks Hi-Res Remastered] (2020)

AC/DC‘s “Ballbreaker” has been recently remastered 2020 as part of the Hi-Resolution Audio reissue series. A 13th album turned out to be lucky for AC/DC: “Ballbreaker”, released on Sept. 26, 1995, continued their return to form after 1990’s masterpiece ‘The Razor’s Edge’.
Part of the reason for its success was the return to the fold of drummer Phil Rudd, who had left an impossible void to fill during his decade-long absence.
Plus, there was the news of the recruitment of super-producer Rick Rubin – master of the back-to-basics career resurrection – following his successful audition on 1993’s Last Action Hero soundtrack hit, “Big Gun.”
”Ballbreaker” showed us that with the proper tools in place – a persistent producer, metronome drummer, and a strong work ethic – AC/DC are capable of turning back the clock and reconnecting with the essence of their greatness and …

KROKUS – One Vice At A Time [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded]

Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, KROKUS kick ass LP “One Vice At A Time” was part of the ’80s records of the band reissue campaign from the label. Something the fans of the Swiss Hard Rock pioneer band have been demanding for some time.
There comes a tipping point in every artist’s career where years of hard work and paying dues suddenly turn into an avalanche of praise and success.
Krokus reached this point with the release of “One Vice At A Time”, a supremely crafted album boasting a clutch of tracks that elevated their appeal far beyond anything previously conceived or, indeed, achieved.
Co-produced in London by former AC/DC engineer Tony Platt and issued in 1982, with “One Vice At A Time” the band made a concerted effort to refine their sound and ambition by bringing their trademark style fully into focus.

LOUDGUNS – Broken Highway [LTD Reissue 300 CD] (2016)

Requested, here’s “Broken Highway“, the debut album from Finnish melodic rockers LOUDGUNS in its re-released Limited Edition collector’s edition featuring revised artwork, strictly limited to 300 numbered copies, already out of print. Originally released by themselves when Loudguns were still an unsigned act, “Broken Highway” went out of print pretty soon. Due their fan base request, the guys decided together...

TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers Demos (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have in exclusive the remastered release of “Love Is For Suckers Demos“, the TWISTED SISTER pre-production recordings when they where preparing new material for what would be their fifth album. As you may know, ‘Love Is For Suckers’ is in fact a Dee Snider solo album, finally released under the Twisted Sister name.
Most the guitar here is performed by the great Reb Beach, and only 9 out of 19 of the songs in this CD eventually appeared onto the final, studio album.
A Limited Edition of 300 units made, the sound quality of these tracks are very good, professionally recorded studio pre-production takes.
Only at 0dayrox

TWISTED SISTER – Love Is For Suckers [Japan SHM-CD remastered +4] Out Of Print

Here’s the rare, out of print Japanese edition on SHM-CD of TWISTED SISTER‘s “Love Is For Suckers“, remastered plus 4 bonus tracks housed into a mini-LP replica cardboard.
This fifth Twisted Sister studio album is in fact a Dee Snider solo record. The material was originally meant to be the first Snider solo album, but the recording label pushed for it to be released under the Twisted Sister name instead.
This Japanese SHM-CD sound is louder than the European (German press) remastered version…