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JOHN NORUM – Total Control +6 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Guitarist JOHN NORUM left Europe in 1986 at the very height of their popularity, and soon after released his first solo album, “Total Control“, now wonderfully remastered by Rock Candy Records with the addition of 6 bonus tracks.
Recruiting a new backing band of long-time musical friends (including Marcel Jacob, a former Europe member on bass) and Göran Edman for lead vocals, “Total Control” mix Europe’s melodic side with an edgy, guitar driven hard rock sound.
This remaster is terrific, and the bonus track real pearls; the live version of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Bad Reputation’ worth this CD alone.
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WHITE LION – All You Need Is Rock N’ Roll : The Complete Albums 1985-1991 [HNE 5xCD Box set remastered] (2020)

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil Records just released “All You Need Is Rock N’ Roll : The Complete Albums 1985-1991” a 5xCD Box set including all the first WHITE LION albums.
Sure, perhaps you already have other releases; the Rock Candy, Japan edition, etc, however this Box Set is an excellent value for money; a 5-disc box set perfectly remastered by the very busy Andy Pierce. And all for the price of 1 and a half CD.
Discs 1-4 cover the first 4 albums, the superb debut ‘Fight To Survive’ (1985) and the 3 that followed on the Atlantic label, ‘Pride’ (1987), ‘Big Game’ (1989) and the vastly under rated ‘Mane Attraction’ (1991), all with bonus material.
Disc 5 is the Live recording from The Ritz, New York 1988, a really good performance topped up with a few rehearsals as bonus tracks.
A Must Have

MARK HOLDEN – The Lost 80s Album [Unreleased]

This one was requested by one of you; MARK HOLDEN‘s “The Lost 80s Album“. Holden is an Australian singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer who had four top 20 hit singles in the late Seventies. After the lack of success of his fourth, 1983’s solo album, Holden focused on becoming a songwriter and music producer.
In the 1980s he worked as a songwriter in Los Angeles providing material recorded by Meat Loaf, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Jones and many more. Meanwhile, Holden recorded many of his songs but never were released.
“The Lost 80s Album” comprises most of these ‘lost 80s’ recordings, all with a stupendous sound quality. Musically this is cool US radio friendly rock&pop circa 1986-88, in a style similar to Richard Marx, Paul Young, Don Henley, etc.
A collectors piece

THE LAZYS – Tropical Hazards [+4 extras] (2018)

Tropical Hazards” is the second full length album by THE LAZYS, a high-octane rock ‘n roll riot combo now established in Canada but born in Australia. These guys are all about traditional hard rock – now tagged as classic rock – with a bluesy foundation yet highly melodic.
The Lazys have been paying their dues for some time now (since apparently 2006) releasing several EPs and a self-managed full length three years ago. Now “Tropical Hazards” will be released via Golden Robot Records both in America and Europe.
There’s no question…

JEFF LaBAR (Cinderella) – One For The Road (retail CD + extra song)

While most people view Tom Keifer as the mastermind behind platinum rockers Cinderella — and rightfully so, considering he was their principal songwriter, guitarist JEFF LaBAR was an essential part of the band’s sound.
That’s why “One For The Road“, LaBar’s first solo offering, was so intriguing, because we could finally hear what the guitarist was capable of in terms of composing songs and bringing them to life.
And the dud is disipated since opener “No Strings”, sounding like a chaotic compilation of Cinderella’s ‘Somebody Save Me’ and Dokken’s ‘It’s Not Love,’ complete with a familiar set of string bends during the introduction which pays homage to the former. The guitarist himself recognizes that the song could easily fit on a new Cinderella record, just…

BLACK KNIGHT – Tales From The Darkside [Limited 400 copies Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

As requested, here’s the Dutch band BLACK KNIGHT cult debut a album “Tales From The Darksideremastered for the first time, pressed on limited quantities vinyl LP.
Black Knight have been active since 1982, but this, their debut was recorded in 1998. However, they sound just like what they are, a band from the ’80s. A classic, traditional metal act from the ’80s.
Their stylistic choices are not restricted to European metal or NWoBHM. The album takes you all the way from British and German metal pioneers to the United States. A blend of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, early Judas Priest, Sabbath-Dio era, etc, and a touch of progressive.
If classic metal with melody is your cup of tea, then by all means you need to hear “Tales From The Darkside”. And yes, it’s being released on vinyl LP, this album belongs to LP. And the remaster is pristine and warm.
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TAKARA (Jeff Scott Soto) – Eternity : The Best 93-98

As requested, here’s “Eternity : The Best 93-98” the must have compilation selecting the best of TAKARA, the partnership between guitarist Neal M. Grusky and the mighty Jeff Scott Soto.
Takara was founded by Grusky in 1987, and soon after Soto joined the project. While the vocalist was very busy with many other bands, they composed and recorded songs for over five years, which ended into Takara’s debut album in 1993.
Takara were one of the few bands carrying the classic 80s melodic hard rock flag during the Nineties, and some of the material here is truly stupendous, including a couple of unreleased tracks.
Talented musicians are part of these recordings such as Bob Daisley, Gary Schutt, Eric Ragno, etc, but the star here is the one and only JSS.
HIGHLY Recommended

FIERCE HEART – War For The World (2020)

Do you remember the the great band FIERCE HEART featuring guitar hero Rex Carroll and uber-producer Chris-Lord Alge? Their self-titled album from 1985 was posted on this blog in its remastered form.
Well, Fierce Heart always remained active with Carroll carrying the torch, now fueled and driven by their core fan base, the got busy in the studio and created a new album – the kick ass ”War For The World”, to be released tomorrow.
Classic US Hard Rock with a bluesy core plus soulful vocals and swirling solos courtesy of Carroll are the highlights of ”War For The World”, and album we HIGHLY Recommended to check out if you are fan of the genre.

KILL CITY KILLS – Badlands I (2020)

Sleazy melodic hard rockers KILL CITY KILLS are about to release “Badlands I“, tomorrow. The number ‘I’ indicates that this is the beginning. In fact the band has recorded more material but decided to not dump everything on us at once. Cristoffer Borg (Art Nation, Amaranthe, Taste) worked as mixing engineer for this release.
The sound of Kill City Kills takes the groove of Scandinavian sleaze (think Crashdiet, early Reckless Love) and mix it with classic US glam hard rock inspired by the likes of Ratt, Tuff, WASP, etc. A consistent and strong recording which…

TRISHULA (ex Rage Of Angels) – Time Waits For No Man (2020)

British melodic rock band TRISHULA is the brainchild of UK Guitarist Neil Fraser, accompanied by vocalist Jason Morgan. Neil has played and/or recorded with bands such as RAGE OF ANGELS, TEN, Tony Mills (SHY, TNT), Jason has recently recorded backing vocals for MAGNUM on their latest album The Serpent Rings.
TRISHULA released their debut last year, and now they are back with second offering ”Time Waits For No Man”, again via AOR Heaven record label.
The initial recordings of ‘Time Waits For No Mav’ took place again at…

ATLAS – Parallel Love (2020)

Parallel Love” is the second album by British Melodic Rock band ATLAS. Writing sessions for Parallel Love started shortly after their 2019 tour with Midnite City and Age Of Reflection, with the band spending much longer on the demo process than for their previous album, polishing their ideas through the autumn and winter of 2019.
This resulted in 11 tracks that the band felt were more concise and stronger than previous efforts. The band chose to pursue a heavier edge for the album production, while staying true to their melodic rock and AOR roots.

FISH – Weltschmerz (2020)

“This party’s over” snarls FISH on ”Weltschmerz”, and, this time, it seems the big man really means it. After threatening retirement for many years, the ex- Marillion singer has finally called time on his recording career.
His final present to the fans is a double album that looks back on his 32 years as a solo artist. And it’s really fascinating.
Over the decades the charismatic Scot has moved steadily from mainstream to cult status. He’s dabbled in pop (e.g “State of Mind”), hard rock…

SATAN (UK) – Early Rituals [Recorded 1981-1986 / Remastered] (2020)

What? 0dayrox becoming a death / black metal site? Not at all. SATAN from UK where part of the first half of the ’80s NWOBHM movement, and their music was a mix of classic metal and hard rock. Seems their name and ‘occult imaginary’ weren’t enogh to get a record deal, but the band managed to cut three different demos – in 1981, 1982 and 1986 – which were reproduced on cassette tape only, now remastered and released as “Early Rituals“.
Satan don’t scare you grandma anymore, this is just a fun, entertaining slice from the effervescent British 80s Rock scene.
NWOBHM took the proto-metal of Black Sabbath and mixed it with the hard rock of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, infused it with the spirit of punk and some of the progressive rock of the era, and came up with the last bridge between metal and rock before speed metal punted it out of the park.
Early Rituals uncovers this era with zest.

VOICES OF ROCK I – MMVII [Japan Edition +1]

As requested, here’s the terrific project VOICES OF ROCK led by Chris Lausmann (Bonfire, Jaded Heart) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova), two of Germany’s leading producers, musicians, and singer-songwriters in the melodic hard rock scene.
They gathered a bunch of well-known vocalists to sing one song each. The participants are all of the absolute elite within the melodic hard rock genre – names like James Christian, Johnny Gioeli, Göran Edman, Steve Overland, etc to record this first album titled “MMVII“.
This Japanese Edition includes an exclusive bonus track. The album really is a treat for melodic rock fans and the songs…

VOICES OF ROCK II – High & Mighty (feat. Tony Mills, Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Martin)

As requested here’s the second VOICES OF ROCK installment, titled “II : High & Mighty“. German producers Chris Lausmann (Bonfire, Jaded Heart) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Michael Schenker) did it again. On this album, you won’t find any compromises – no-one will jump onto a trendy train here.
Again with the excellent Angel G. Schleifer (ex Bonfire) and Tommy Denander providing the lead guitars, the cast of vocalists is impressive again: Rob Rock (Driver, Impellitteri)m Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow), Mitch Malloy, David Reece (Bangalore Choir), Bert Heerink (ex-Vandenberg), Torben Schmidt (Ex-Skagarack), Paul Sabu, Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath), Paul Shortino (ex-Quiet Riot / Rough Cutt) and the late Tony Mills (TNT, Shy).
VOICES OF ROCK II delivers a shimmering production —plenty of heavy bass grooves, big drums…