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Phil Lynott’s GRAND SLAM – The Collection [4xCD Box Set remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Since a couple of weeks we’re featuring here the complete Thin Lizzy discography, but it was also requested Phil Lynott’s own ’80s project GRAND SLAM, a really worthy piece of work.
Housed in a long box digipak, “The Collection” is a four-CD archive release from the former Thin Lizzy mainman and Irish Rock legend containing previously unreleased material and rare recordings, all remastered.
This out of print collectible features an unreleased live concert from 1984 amongst the audio treasures plus unpublished photos / booklet and more.

OCEAN HILLS – Santa Monica [Digipak Edition +3] (2020)

OCEAN HILLS is the new project of vocalist Zoli Téglás – also a Hollywood actor (Terminator: Dark Fate). However, Ocean Hills is not a one-man project. Peter Lukacs (guitars), Daniel Szebenyi (keyboards, bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (guitars) share Teglas‘ vision and were key to bringing it to life.
While Téglás has also been the frontman for the bands Pennywise and the Misfits, Ocean Hills is a much more commercial, mainstream hard rock outfit. Their debut album ”Santa Monica” is all about melodic riffs with a modern edge, and title track speaks for itself: “Santa Monica is about sand, the beach, and living life, with fun and happiness. With all the negativity and fear going on in today’s world, this song is very much needed. So if you’re into guitar solos and Rock N Roll this song is for you”.

GUNNER – Back 4 More (2020)

Eighties Californian glam-hair metal influenced rockers GUNNER are releasing their new album “Back 4 More” via Lions Pride Music, a new set of songs with all the feel-good vibe from the Sunset Strip golden era.
Take a look at the album’s cover art, its title – and all the song titles – you can’t go wrong with these guys: since the opening title track with a roaring V8 engine sample to the AORish / radio ready “Dangerous Eyes” and the midtempo power ballad “Liar”, if you miss 1987-1989 American glammy hard rock, GUNNER’s “Back 4 More” is here to rock your world with catchy riffs, melodic keys and layered choruses…

FOREIGNER – Can’t Slow Down [Deluxe Edition 2xCD B-Sides and Extra Tracks] (2020)

Originally released in 2009, ”Can’t Slow Down” was FOREIGNER first studio album in 15 years. It marked the Melodic Rock comeback of the year; praised by fans and critics alike.
Now 2020 earMusic / Edel is releasing this “Can’t Slow Down [Deluxe Edition 2xCD B-Sides and Extra Tracks]“.
CD1 includes the complete studio album, produced by Mick Jones and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe). Exclusive to this 2xCD Deluxe Digipak Edition is the second CD ‘B-Sides and Extra Tracks’ which includes a carefully selected set of Foreigner’s biggest hits as well as beloved fan favourites – all recorded in energetic live versions of which some will be released the first time on CD.
This collection is topped off by an exclusive Radio Edit of Can’t Slow Down’s lead single ‘In Pieces’.

SANDY STEWART – Cat Dancer [Wounded Bird Records remastered / first time on CD] OOP

After featuring the second SANDY STEWART LP – under the Blue Yonder moniker – it its natural to feature her first album “Cat Dancer“, fully remastered and put on CD for the first time by Wounded Bird Records. It hasn’t been re-pressed, so this sole CD version is out of print now.
Listening to ”Cat Dancer” you realize singer/songwriter Sandy Stewart should have been an ’80s star. This is radio friendly rock&pop / Lite AOR of the highest quality with mature arrangements and interesting lyrics, plus the bombastic production of the era (1983-84) with Beau Hill involved.
A winner.

JIMMY MARTIN (feat Robin Beck, Rick Springfield & more) – The Singles (2020)

The Singles” is the just released album by JIMMY MARTIN including songs he has recorded in recent time, featuring American superstars such as Grammy-winner Rick Springfield or the adorable Robin Beck.
Known by AOR fans for his lovely records ‘Kids Of The Rockin Nation’ and ‘The Rhythm Of Life’ during the ’80s / ’90s, lately Martin has been in the singles-only release schedule, including cooperation with Robin Beck (‘I Wish You Here Tonight’) or Rick Springfield and a duet of his hit ‘Love Somebody’, plus several own compositions.
This is pure-80s stuff with some tracks being remixed for sounding even more Eighties-like. “Leaving It All Behind” seems taken from a 1985 ‘action hero’ movie soundtrack (love it), same with the pretty awesome upbeat ”Keep on Dreaming” – a collaboration with the band New Deal – bringing to mind Stan Bush.

BLUE YONDER (Sandy Stewart) – Blue Yonder (1987) [0dayrox own LP rip]

Many of you keep requesting female-fronted albums from the 80s, especially that hard to find. BLUE YONDER‘s self titled 1987 LP is one of them.
Produced by Arif Mardin and John Brand it was originally intended to be Sandy Stewart’s second solo album but instead ended up as a ‘band’ project co-credited to her and multi-instrumentalist David Munday. Stewart is a renowned composer, arranger and vocal coach having worked with Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac, Belinda Carlisle and countless more, plus many Movie Soundtracks.
“Blue Yonder” is pure second half of the ’80s American Lite AOR / rock&pop, with a warm production and Sandy’s velvety vocals all over the harmonies palette.
Never released on CD and a very hard to find LP, this is a great vinyl-rip done by the 0dayRock team (thanks DR!). HIGHLY Recommended
Only at 0dayrox

BRITNY FOX – In America [first recording / cassette only 1986]

After several posts regarding rockers BRITNY FOX, some of you asked for another rarity; their first ever recording titled “In America“. Including songs later re-worked for their major label debut LP – one song is exclusive to this release though – this 1986 recording was released by themselves in limited quantities only.
In fact, ”In America” appeared on Wolfe Records, a small label founded by Britny Fox’s manager Brian Kushner, and Bill Haigh (owner of the Hollywood Galaxy Club) to promote bands.
The album only was released on Cassette – the vinyl LP floating around is a bootleg – and this is the actual cover artwork.
Ripped and cleaned by the 0dayrox team for your listening (and collector’s) pleasure (thanks DR!)
Only at 0dayrox

JON ANDERSON – Song Of Seven [Remastered & Expanded Digipak] (2020)

Esoteric Recordings are releasing a freshly remastered 2020 Expanded Digipak version of “Song Of Seven“, the second solo album by JON ANDERSON, a fine job done from the original Atlantic Records master tapes and is expanded to include 2 rare US single edits previously unreleased on CD.
“Song Of Seven” was recorded during Jon’s first hiatus from YES, with whom he had become an internationally known vocalist and songwriter and followed on from his 1976 first solo album. Working with keyboard player Ronnie Leahy, Anderson created an optimistic album of varying influences and he gathered together a fine ensemble of musicians to assist him such as celebrated bass players JACK BRUCE and JOHN GIBLIN, guitarists CLEM CLEMPSON and IAN BAIRNSON, saxophonist JOHNNY DANKWORTH and drummers MORRIS PERT and SIMON PHILLIPS.
I always liked this album – fans of Camel or Alan Parsons need to check out this, same early 80s pristine sound design & production, even more clear now with this remaster.
Highly Recommended

BLACKMORE’s NIGHT – Beyond The Sunset (The Romantic Collection) [2020 reissue]

earMUSIC, the global independent Rock music label of Edel Germany GmbH just announced the Worldwide signing of BLACKMORE’s NIGHT. To celebrate the signing, it’s been announced that Blackmore’s Night’s eleventh studio album ‘Nature’s Light’ will be released in Spring 2021 – followed by the band’s entire catalogue later in 2021.
They just started yesterday with the reissue of “Beyond The Sunset (The Romantic Collection)“, originally appeared in 2004. This compilation was derived from their four studio albums released at that point except for one previously unreleased track; “Once In A Million Years”, and also contains two re-recorded tracks: “Ghost of a Rose” and “Now and Then”.
This is our favorite BLACKMORE’s NIGHT album. The subtitle says it all. ”Beyond The Sunset” gathers up a dozen of the…

THE COMPULSIONS (feat Bumblefoot) – Ferocious (2020)

THE COMPULSIONS features fine musicians with a long pedigree having played / been part of the likes GUNS N’ ROSES to the NEW YORK DOLLS to DAVID BOWIE, and it shows – this is rock ‘n roll at its finest and the album proves Rob Carlyle, leader singer/songwriter, will not be defeated in his mission to deliver roots rock to the masses, despite changes to the line up and a 5 year gap between albums.
”Ferocious” delivers track after track of kick ass, roots original rock which is contagious and fun, with a blend of metal, blues and country rock influences, this album flies on every level. Carlyle’s vocals and lyrics are superb with a real gravelly edge that just transports me to imagining this band playing live, in a real grass roots music venue with the audience lapping up every riff, beat and chorus.

KING KING – Maverick [Deluxe Edition +5] (2020)

With their just released studio album number five “Maverick“, British bluesy hard rockers KING KING deliver yet another superlative demonstration of songwriting prowess – a bit of FREE here, a smidge of early WHITESNAKE there, a dash of BAD COMPANY for good measure – led from the front by guitarist/ vocalist Alan Nimmo.
Recorded with a new line-up, ”Maverick” nevertheless sounds like a band that’s been together forever, with cohesive performances meshing together perfectly across the entire track list.
If there’s any specific change to speak of, it’s probably a gentle shift away from overt blues into more classic hard rock territory – a bit more THUNDER, perhaps – but otherwise it’s business as usual…

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One [digipak +1] +4 standalone new singles (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT is the awesome all-star melodic rock project which released its debut album “Volume One” three years ago presented in exclusive here at 0dayrox. Now this project evolved into EAST TEMPLE AVENUE, who are releasing their impressive debut album today.
But let’s revisit “THE DARREN PHILLIPS PROJECT – Volume One” in this physical CD edition including an exclusive bonus track, but also the 4 standalone singles they released since, the last appeared only one month ago.
Besides mastermind Darren Phillips (songwriting, vocals, production) and multi-instrumentalist / producer Daniel Skeed, the ‘who’s who’ from the international Melodic Rock / AOR world are collaborating here.
Take a quick look; Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Khymera) on lead vocals and mastering, Enzo Almanzi (White Widdow), Robbie LaBlanc (Find Me / Blanc Faces), Philip Lindstrand (Find Me / Jim Jidhed), Michael Palace (Palace, Kryptonite), Erik Heinke (Miss Behaviour), Herman Furin (Work Of Art), Dennis Butabi Borg (Cruzh), Robin & Mats Eriksson (Degreed) … and many more.

GRAHAM BONNET – Solo Albums 1974-1992 [HNE 6xCD Box Remastered + Bonus] (2020)

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records are releasing today “Solo Albums 1974-1992” a 6xCD Box Set collecting together all of GRAHAM BONNET’s solo albums from 1974-1992, plus rare singles for the first time on CD and lots of unreleased material fully remastered.
Although the Skegness born Graham Bonnet is probably best known for the melodic hard rock he fronted in the 1980s with Ritchie’s Blackmore RAINBOW, THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, and his own band, ALCATRAZZ, his musical odyssey started with the duo The Marbles in 1968.
What makes this rare collection an extra treat is the inclusion of…

JADED PAST – Believe [remastered reissue] (2020)

With many of their releases already out of print, Melodic Rock Records is reissuing some artists / albums from their catalog, and JADED PAST‘s “Believe” was made available again, with revised track-list and remastered.
JADED PAST is the creation of New Jersey-based lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter George Becker. The album was produced by TRIXTER’s guitarist Steve Brown who also contributes some riffs n’ solos and backing vocals.
Brown also was involved in Jaded Past’s first, self-titled album….