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JOE LYNN TURNER – Rescue You [Wounded Bird remastered reissue]

As requested, here’s the not easy to find Wounded Bird Records release of JOE LYNN TURNER‘s delicious AOR solo album “Rescue You“. In between stints with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen, this sought-after singe put out this charting solo album in 1985.
Produced by renowned Roy Thomas Baker (Queen) and with a top notch back up band – Bobby Messano (Fiona) on Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Alan Greenwood (Foreigner, Spys) on Keys, and Chuck Burgi (Rainbow) on Drums, JLT delivers a fantastic album which feeling and atmosphere is impossible to recreate nowadays.
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LEE KERSLAKE – Eleventeen (2021)

Late OZZY OSBOURNE and URIAH HEEP drummer LEE KERSLAKE‘s debut solo album ”Eleventeen” has just received a posthumous release via HNE Recordings, the hard rock and metal arm of Cherry Red Records.
Kerslake passed away last September, so there’s something poignant about his debut solo album being released now. But putting aside such thoughts, judged solely on its musical merits ”Eleventeen” is a fine Classic Rock record.
It’s a joyous collection of timeless rock songs showcasing his remarkably strong voice and wide influences. Opener ‘Celia Sienna’ is sensitive, while ‘Take Nothing For Granted’ wouldn’t be out of place on an early-80s Uriah Heep album.

Mr. MISTER – Welcome To The Real World +6 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

The two most celebrated Mr. MISTER albums have been ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, featuring a bunch of awesome bonus tracks and a very interesting essay about the recording process.
Welcome To The Real World” is the most famous of all, including the two classic, timeless singles “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie” both went to #1 on the US singles chart.
Although Mr. MISTER achieved colossal commercial success there has always been a vast under appreciation of their musical worth. Unfairly viewed by many as a faceless mid ‘8’s rock & pop band, they eventually scored two worldwide hit singles, their sound showcasing technical ability far beyond the level of musical proficiency normally expected.
Indeed, there is an argument that elevates Mr. MISTER into that rarefied breed of highly respected AOR acts such as Toto, Chicago…

Mr. MISTER – Go On… +4 [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

The two most celebrated Mr. MISTER albums have been ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ by Rock Candy Records, featuring a bunch of awesome bonus tracks and a very interesting essay about the recording process.
Go On…” is the second, an underrated gem including terrific compositions.
When Mr. MISTER’S ‘Welcome To The Real World’ album eventually became a huge international seller, producing two massive hit singles in Kyrie and Broken Wings, the music business hailed them as all conquering heroes destined to take their place in the rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame.
So much attention was focused on this their follow-up album, the meticulously crafted “Go On…”, with many eyes and ears confidently predicting another massive success…

SILVERNITE – Silvernite (2021) + So It Began (2019)

Greece is fertile land for AOR, especially ’80s inspired music. And we have here another exponent; SILVERNITE, a band for all retro lovers. Three musicians decided to let loose their inner kids and travel to another spacetime.
We already featured here SILVERNITE’s first work, the EP ‘So It Began’, some kind of the beginning of a story now fully developed into the band’s full length debut “Silvernite“.
Female vocalist Tanja Härkönen, guitarist Thanos G. and mastermind Strutter (various instruments) put together their passion for old-school synths, double lead guitar, melodic vocal lines, comics, walkmans, cassettes, roller skating, big sunglasses… etc.
Mixing hard rock swirling guitar solos, melodic AOR vocals and retro keyboards, Silvernite takes you…

DEF LEPPARD – Deep Cuts [curated by Rick Savage] (2021)

Inviting further immersion into their dynamic catalog, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees DEF LEPPARD have introduced a weekly series of thematic artist compilations, launching across platforms today and continuing every Friday through April 9.
Bandmembers Joe Elliott, Rick Allen, Rick Savage, Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell personally curated these ten playlists by theme. Each weekly playlist showcases yet another side of the group through their music.
Appeared today, “Deep Cuts” was curated by bass player Rick Savage, who indeed has selected some of his favorite inside album cuts, with an eclectic criteria from Def Lepp first LP’s to late Nineties / early 2000’s.

EVERGREY – Escape Of The Phoenix (2021)

After 25 years, EVERGREY should be far better known. Simply put, they are one of the best melodic progressive metal acts out there.
Now the Swedes have returned with “Escape Of The Phoenix“, a set of tunes written and recorded as the world withdrew from normality. Befitting a lyricist as gifted as vocalist Tom Englund, it poses a series of questions, such as what happens when its titular phoenix, an eternal symbol of rebirth, prefers to remain dead?
Evergrey make music that is crisp, accomplished and often polished with a gleaming commercial edge. With luck, maybe Englund’s duet with Dream Theater front man James LaBrie on ‘The Beholder’ will introduce them to a few more newbies.
“Escape Of The Phoenix” is a terrific album, for sure one of the best this year so far…

THE BLACK CROWES – Shake Your Money Maker [30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Remastered] (2021)

THE BLACK CROWES are giving their 1990 debut studio album, ”Shake Your Money Maker”, the deluxe reissue treatment in honor of its 30th anniversary. Multiple formats including 4-LP and 3-CD Super Deluxe versions of the remastered record are due out through UMe/American Recordings on February 26.
Vocalist Chris Robinson & guitarist Rich Robinson oversaw this release, with this 3-CD Super Deluxe version featuring the original album newly remastered, as well the “More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs & B-Sides” disc including three previously unreleased studio recordings, two previously unheard demos from Black Crowes forerunners Mr. Crowe’s Garden and B-sides.
The extra disc 3 drops a live recording of the band’s December 1990 hometown concert in Atlanta.

LACED IN LUST – First Bite (2021)

Australia’s ’80s influenced hard rockers LACED IN LUST are releasing their debut full length “First Bite” tomorrow, following three EP’s that the band supported with tours across Australia and Europe.
Ten years on the road has paid its duties, as LACED IN LUST were ready for a full album after oiling their brand of catchy bluesy hard rock on stage. Similar to Great White plus that ‘Aussie’ feeling, “First Bite” rocks.
Rocking and grooving away, there’s a touch of American 1986 sleazy and a ton of sexiness to Laced In Lust’s sound. The whole of this album could be released as singles and both the rock and mainstream crowds would eat it up.
Send your mind back to a time when rock clubs were packed to the rafters and…

SISTER – Vengeance Ignited (2021)

Vengeance Ignited“, the fourth album by Swedish sleaze metal band SISTER is released exactly ten years after their debut. Since then this Stockholm-based rockers have earned a strong reputation as a terrific live band with their energetic, hard, raw style which they have proven again and again impressively on tours with renowned bands like Skid Row, U.D.O. and Hardcore Superstar.
And these mentioned acts are a pretty good reference to “Vengeance Ignited”. Heavy but melodic, aggressive but catchy, these are the ingredients of SISTER.
Add a touch of Crashdiet’s wildest side and you have a quite good idea of what “Vengeance Ignited” is all about, and album benefited by its short (3 min.) effective songs.

WALK THE WALK – Walk The Walk (2021)

In early 2020, former DIO guitarist Tracy G introduced J. Adler and Paul Alfery, knowing they both love melodic hard rock with big choruses and strong hooks. They got busy writing and recording an album titled, as the project, WALK THE WALK, to be released by AOR Heaven Records
The debut of this American band is pore delight for lovers of the Eighties and bands like DANGER DANGER, DEF LEPPARD, or early BON JOVI.
Strong anthems, a powerful production and versatile songwriting that doesn’t have to hide from any competitors, that’s what you get here. Check out the energetic “Running From You“ and the very much classic BON JOVI-sounding “Find The Light“. Also, the slightly hairy metal “Two Miles To Go“ is pretty cool.
Walk The Walk“ is one of the surprises of the year so far.

JOSEPH WILLIAMS – Denizen Tenant (2021)

Frontman of Toto since the ’80s, JOSEPH WILLIAMS new solo album ”Denizen Tenant” can’t deny a real ‘Toto-feel’ all over it, featuring fellow band members David Paich & Steve Lukather and a cast of all-star musicians like Simon Phillips, Nathan East, Michael Landau, Jeff Babko, Lenny Castro, Leland Sklar, etc – most of whom enjoyed tenures in Toto – are also featured players on the album.
Williams and Lukather are releasing their new solo albums the same day. Lukather opted for a played-live sounding diverse record that prioritized spontaneity and expediency. Williams, on the other hand, has opted on “Denizen Tenant” for a more meticulously produced and assembled recording.
Toto records have typically walked the lines between rock and pop, and whereas Lukather’s solo record reveals the rock throttle, Williams’ demonstrates a more sedated side. What some might write off as easy listening, another would call a polished, accessible experience steeped in the West Coast AOR tradition with some modern recording touches.

BONFIRE – Roots (2021)

Roots” is the title of the upcoming acoustic best-of album of Hard ‘n’ Heavy German legends BONFIRE, 2 CD’s with 24 songs, full of classics, reinterpreted in Bonfire’s unique manner.
Since there are still no live shows to the current last studio album, Bonfire decided to take it to heart: In summer 2020 they went to the “Flatliners Recording Studios” again to work on the album “Roots” in order to help the fans through hard times with new material.
They have been in business for 30 years and are far from getting tired, as heard on this vital recording…

STEVE LUKATHER – I Found The Sun Again (2021)

Over the course of five decades STEVE LUKATHER has placed an indelible stamp on rock&pop culture. Alongside his tenure as the only member of Toto to never take a hiatus from the band, he has performed on thousands of albums as a session musician. He continues to be Toto’s band leader, a member of Ringo’s All-Starr Band, and a solo artist performing with multiple ensembles.
His 2021 album ‘I Found the Sun Again‘ features five new original compositions and three covers; Traffic’s ‘Low Spark of High Heeled Boys’, Joe Walsh’s ‘Welcome to the Club’, and Robin Trower’s ‘Bridge of Sighs’, all with a new, fresh and the unmistakable ‘Lukather sound’. Starr and Joseph Williams guests on the original ‘Run To Me’.

STEVE LUKATHER – Session Works [Japan only release Blu-spec CD2] (2016) *EXCLUSIVE*

The one and only Mr. STEVE LUKATHER will present next Friday his new solo album, and it’s a nice opportunity to feature here this Japan-only release ”Session Works”, pressed on high quality Blu-spec CD2 format.
It’s really cool to have such wide array of diverse artists / styles onto one disc not only to contrast Lukather’s talent, but also to discover some songs never heard by many and where the eminent guitarist showcase his impressive abilities.
We find recordings for Kenny Loggins, Boz Scaggs or Dwayne Ford, but also not familiar names for AOR aficionados like Sarah Dash, Dane Donohue or Valerie Carter. Also included is the excellent I-Ten’s ‘Alone’ (later made famous by Heart), and 2 tracks from Steve Lukather solo.
Japan only release out of print now, being sold at eBay for over $200.
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