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CATS IN BOOTS – Kicked & Klawed [Bad Reputation remastered +8] (2020) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Few days ago we featured the requested Rock Candy remastered version of CATS IN BOOTS‘s one and only album ”Kicked & Klawed”. Now we have in exclusive the Bad Reputation Records own remaster released last year, including 8 bonus tracks.
These extra tracks only were released in Japan back in the ’80s in limited quantities and where the tapes that lead to the band’s major label contract. The sound quality is first rate.
When Cats In Boots released their “Kicked & Klawed” opus back in 1989 their was little doubt that they were gonna cut themselves a considerable slice of the glam pie. The album is the Crüe doing Aerosmith, with more kicks, more claws and hooks galore.
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IT BITES – Map Of The Past +2 [Remastered 2021]

Featuring a new 2021 remaster from John Mitchell providing a crisp sound, IT BITES album “Map Of The Past” has been reissued in a digipak format including 2 bonus tracks: a rare B-Side and the original Japanese bonus.
‘Map Of The Past’ was the first concept album of It Bites twenty-five year career. It explores the theme of the past, as seen through old family photographs. There is a constant sense of nostalgia running through all of the songs and the listener gets to visit The Titanic along the elaborated musical journey combining joyful power pop with melodic progressive…

IT BITES – The Tall Ships +2 [Remastered 2021]

IT BITES wonderful fourth studio album ”The Tall Ships”, originally released in 2008, is getting a remastered reissue, with the album available on a new digipak CD format, as well as for the first time ever on vinyl. Featuring a new remaster from John Mitchell, the CD edition also includes 2 bonus tracks.
‘The Tall Ships’ was the first It Bites album to feature singer & guitarist John Mitchell, and the band’s first new music in nineteen years. And what a quality music.
In the late ’80s, It Bites resulted a refreshing, unique blend of music mixing melodic rock, pop-rock and progressive. And comeback album ‘The Tall Ships’ augmented that recipe with an even more exquisite musicianship…

JADED PAST – Live And On Edge (2021)

Melodic Rock Records are releasing “Live And On Edge“, the new album from JADED PAST, the creation of New Jersey-based lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter George Becker. With the band’s previous album produced by TRIXTER’s guitarist Steve Brown receiving positive reviews.
“Live And On Edge” was captured live while Jaded Past was touring live all over the US East Coast before the pandemic. Style-wise, Jaded Past has a down-to-earth melodic hard rock sound with a touch of bluesy overtones, but on stage the band is much more hard rockin’.
This is a true live album, not overdubs or post production adds / mixes. And rocks.
On the vocal department, Bret Michaels of Poison (especially in his solo career) must be one of Becker’s main influences. Performing live the band is pretty much more rocking than into the studio, at places bringing to mind current LOVERBOY, TYKETTO, etc. Cool Stuff…

MAD SYMPHONY – Mad Symphony +1 (2021)

MAD SYMPHONY is the collaboration of accomplished and professional Vancouver-based musicians who collectively have many years of experience writing, recording, and touring internationally with various acts.
Most recently, half of the line up were part of modern rockers Soulbender, but the guys where in the need to play more classic stuff and MAD SYMPHONY born.
Now, their self-titled debut recording is about to be released via Melodic Rock Records. And as extra we added in exclusive MAD SYMPHONY’s standalone single appeared early this year.
While channeling the sounds of classic arena rock bands, Mad Symphony infuse their songs with and updated melodic rock guitar work, elaborated keyboards and massive vocal harmonies to create a sound that is both contemporary and instantly recognizable by music fans of all ages.
Examining the themes of love, loss, and betrayal with songs such as ‘Sell Me Out,’ ‘Reality Check’ and ‘Wasted in Oblivion,’ Mad Symphony seek to illuminate the pressures and struggles faced by all who live through these confusing and rapidly changing times…

JAKOB SAMUEL (The Poodles, Kryptonite) – CoExist [Japanese Edition +1] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

The Poodles, Kryptonite and other projects singer JAKOB SAMUEL just released his new solo album “CoExist” in Japan via Marquee / Avalon including an exclusive bonus track. Release date for the rest of the world still is uncertain.
What it isn’t uncertain is Samuel’s taste for a good melody and catchy melodies. While his first solo album was some kind introspective and delicate in sound, “CoExist” is a full-on rocker with a bright production in the style of current wave of Scandinavian melodic hard rock.
And this Japanese edition worth the price as the exclusive bonus track is one of the best in the album, with a classy midtempo AOR feeling.
HIGHLY Recommended

DOUG BRONS – Audio 1985 (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

We are presenting in exclusive at 0dayrox the new album by DOUG BRONS released today, “Audio 1985“. Just check its title ; it speaks for itself. Just check the cover artwork ; it’s pure 1985, isn’t it?
With “Audio 1985” Doug Brons took pleasure in paying homage to the music of this golden era by offering us 11 new songs inspired by artists such as Toto, Michael Sembello, Foreigner, John Farnham, Mr Mister, John Parr, etc. Doug’s smooth voice is brilliantly accompanied by top class musicians and a crisp production.
Doug says: “Audio 1985 will take you back to when life was simple, boom boxes ruled the world, and the MUSIC WAS AWESOME!!!”
And indeed this recording captures the mid-Eighties atmosphere, from arrangements to the drum sound, that guitar effects, the layered harmonies… this is a little gem.
Only at 0dayrox, your ’80s culture #1 source on the net…

ROCKBORN (last Michael Wagener production ever) – Born To Rock (2020)

ROCKBORN formed 2018 with the intention to bring back classic female fronted hard rock to the fore, respecting the traditional sound of the genre. Well, they did it on debut CD properly titled “Born To Rock“. Singer Lu Reid has a terrific voice and she puts on a vocal clinic on these songs, while the musicianship displayed by guitarist John Lyell, bassist Dino Serna and drummer Gary Gabaldon is also very impressive.
The production is almost flawless and you would expect nothing but at this point from one of the most renowned producers from the ’80s era — Michael Wagener. As it turns out, this might be one of the last albums that Wagener produced or at least was involved so extensively since the maestro has decided to retire after a mere 50 years in the music business.
Not only did Wagener produce Rockborn‘s debut album ”Born To Rock” but he also recorded, mixed and mastered it as well…

JUDAS PRIEST – Ram It Down +2 [Sony Japan Metal Gods series remastered reissue]

A couple months ago we featured here JUDAS PRIEST most relevant albums in its Japanese pressings / remastered edition. And many of you asked for their other ’80s underrated LP, “Ram It Down“, including 2 bonus tracks.
When Judas Priest released their 11th album, ”Ram It Down”, on May 17, 1988, few people outside of the band’s inner circle had an inkling that the storied British metal institution was standing at a crossroads. The band’s previous record, 1986’s Turbo, was as successful as it was divisive, simultaneously broadening Priest’s audience and alienating fans of the band’s older, heavier style with its wholesale adoption of synth guitars and other pop-metal trappings.
Produced by expert Tom Allom, ”Ram It Down” reflected Judas Priest’s tougher and more aggressive side, still with a second half of the ’80s sound…


BLUE MOUNTAIN SWE is the new fantastic melodic rock / AOR collaboration between vocalist Hans Birger Andersson (Fatal Smile, Token, et all) and members of the band Angeline.
All songs on their debut ”One” were composed by Anderson and Angeline’s Joachim Nilsson, obviously having the feeling from their own bands, but the aim was to obtain the sound from the classic Scandinavian era from the genre too.
And they did it, delivering a bright, fresh collection of melodic tunes. Andersson is a terrific vocalist, and here performs with passion the musical style he loves. There’s a sense of joyfulness all over the recording, and it’s palpable the guys really enjoyed working on this project.
This is classy Scandi stuff highly recommended for fans of the genre. Opener ‘A Little Bit’ is a catchy, groovy melodic rocker with a bouncy rhythm, soaring vocals and …

PRISCILLA – High Fashion +6 [digitally remastered] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

FnA Records just reissued PRISCILLA‘s ”High Fashion”, a collection of ’80s recordings by the American band originally released in 2010 cleaned & remastered, now with the addition of 6 previously unreleased tracks.
Many of the songs here would have been scorching hits during the glam / hair metal heyday if PRISCILLA had better luck. Picture a slightly heavier version of hair legends Poison and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Priscilla is all about. It was the late ’80s when Priscilla made waves with their “Wake Up the Neighborhood” single, followed by opening slots for Hericane Alice and Pretty Boy Floyd.
The sound on “High Fashion +6” quality varies quite a bit, however for the most part is really good. Half of these were professionally produced by Sean Beavan, who later made a name for himself working for both Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.
Priscilla is the polar opposite of those bands however, sticking to party-hardy hair metal plenty of hooks.
Only at 0dayrox

FLEETWOOD MAC – Greatest Hits [Japanese SHM-CD Remastered] (2017)

Warner Music Japan has on SHM-CD FLEETWOOD MAC‘s “Greatest Hits“. Now remastered in all its glory, the excellent compilation perfectly covers the period of the band’s greatest commercial success, from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s.
Originally appeared in 1988, the album has proven to be a major success since the time of its release. It peaked at No. 14 in the US album chart, sold steadily over the years and has to date been certified 8x platinum for shipping 8 million copies there.
In the UK it reached No. 3 upon release and has returned several times to the UK album chart. It’s just a hit after hit.
In both the US and the UK, the album has returned to the charts as recently it has been reissued, also in Japan as well, as said, on this wonderful sounding SHM-CD.

STEVE EMM – First Strike (2021)

After many past and present collaborations with bands in the Milan area, last year talented multi-instrumentalist STEVE EMM (aka Stefano Mainini) decided to start his own Melodic Rock/AOR project, simply called after his name.
A demo EP immediately caught the attention of STEELHEART Records – the specialized label which releases the ‘Lost Jewels’ series – that offered Steve the chance to complete a full-length album.
The result is simply amazing: 10 incredible songs, written, performed and sang out in the vein of the legendary era of the genre, with clear references to bands like Signal, Lion, King Cobra, Fortune, Icon and Streets.
The debut-album, “First Strike”, is an homage to a sound that has been part of Steve’s life since his youth and that still is in the hearts of many: classy Melodic Rock / AOR.

SEVENTH CRYSTAL – Delirium (2021)

Released by Frontiers Music tomorrow, “Delirium” is SEVENTH CRYSTAL‘s debut album, a stunning new rock band from the fertile Swedish music scene put together by singer Kristian Fyhr (Perpetual Etude).
Initially, Kristian wanted to pursue a solo project. but when the songs started to take form, he realized he wanted to involve more musicians. So, he moved to vocals only and brought in Johan Älvsång (Pinstripe Conspiracy, Lamashtu) on keyboards/piano and Olof Gadd (Osukaru) on bass as the first key pieces, and then recruited Anton Roos on drums and Emil Dornerus on guitar to complete the line-up.
Seventh Crystal’s music can best be described as arena rock with melodic rock influences. If you love the new wave of Scandinavian hard rock embodied by bands such as One Desire, H.E.A.T, Brother Firetribe, etc who bring a huge sense of melody to modern melodic hard rock, then this band is going to be right up your alley.
One of the best debuts of the year!

LEVARA (feat Trev Lukather & Steve Perry) – Levara (2021)

LEVARA is a three-piece rock band with some serious rock and roll resumes. Guitarist Trev Lukather is the son of Steve Lukather of Toto fame, while drummer Josh Devine was a globe-trotting superstar with the pop group One Direction. Vocalist Jules Galli, meanwhile, has developed a dedicated audience around the world with his powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence.
Together, they’re budding superstars with a uniquely magnetic appeal, and they’re gearing up to release their debut self-titled album “Levara” on May 14, where ex-Journey singer Steve Perry has lent his talents on backing vocals.
Lukather & Devine said; “We all love classic rock, but we wanted to pay homage to it with a modern twist. Where’s the rock on the radio? Where’s the music we grew up loving? Where’s the guitar?” Trev Lukather urges, “We bring the feel-good anthems filled with emotion, tension and groove. Providing…