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ZIGGURAT – Melodic Scandal [The Complete Ziggurat] Retrospect Records Digitally Remastered

This is a really cool request, the now out of print (more than $900 for a used copy, go figure) remastered 2-in-1 CD of melodic pompsters ZIGGURAT, titled “Melodic Scandal [The Complete Ziggurat]” including their two LP’s, ”Ziggurat” and ”Melodic Scandal”.
This quintet, whose name was derived from a type of ancient Eastern structure, hailed from Atlanta and formed in the mid 70’s. Their self-titled debut has a definitive keyboard driven Pomp AOR sound yet adding some melodic bluesy touches, while ”Melodic Scandal” turns much more melodic indeed, with that polished commercial AOR style typical of the year of its release (1982).
Great stuff, rare CD…

CHEAP TRICK – Woke Up With A Monster [Rare Japanese Edition +1]

With the very good new CHEAP TRICK album – a band that never fails in delivering quality material, many of you asked for some of their other, lesser known records. We think their 1994’s “Woke Up With A Monster” is a criminally underrated platter, appeared in a time when Cheap Trick’s melodic feel-good vibe wasn’t in the music industry focus.
Amidst competing with the grunge movement of its time, ”Woke Up With A Monster” pulsated then, and radiates still, in 2021. With songs that beat down the door of stagnant Rock Music and kicks it’s weak ass from sunrise to sundown, this is a Cheap Trick album that sets an example of just how to rock steady in the face of pop-cultural ignorance of the day.
With songwriting contributions from the likes of Jim Peterik, Mark Spiro & Terry Reid and a bright production by Ted Templeman, ”Woke Up With A Monster” is a kickin’ album that glows bright amongst the glut of mid 1990’s Rock and Hard Rock album releases, which many seemed to stray away from having any semblance of Classic Rock influence all together.
This is the rare Japanese Edition never reissued, featuring a bonus track never included into any compilation released after…

KENNY LOGGINS – Celebrate Me Home [Japan AOR CITY 1000 series / remastered] *EXCLUSIVE*

Requested by many of you some time ago, here’s more from the stupendous “AOR CITY 1000 series” by Sony Music Japan, a campaign featuring a low-priced reissue on classic AOR / AC albums from their back catalog (many of them out of print or hard to find).
To complete the KENNY LOGGINS‘ reissues from these series, here’s his solo debut album “Celebrate Me Home“, which in this case uses the last DSD mastering for optimal results.
This is smooth Westcoast AOR / soft FM stuff, filled with leisurely paces, sweet electric guitars courtesy of giants Robben Ford, Lee Ritenour and Dean Parks, electric pianos and easy attitude — so it’s no surprise when you discover this is a co-production by Billy Joel’s chief collaborator Phil Ramone and Bob James.
Remasters of “Celebrate Me Home” are not easy to find, mostly expensive Japan releases now out of print. So this is a nice chance to get it at a very affordable price.

PETER HERMANSSON (feat members of Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt) – Second Glance (2021)

Foremost known for being the drummer in classic Swedish rockers 220 Volt, PETER HERMANSSON also has been part of the classic John Norum Band first line-up, member of Talisman, Mats Karlsson band, Martina Edoff band and many more. But Peter is a highly prolific songwriter too, producer and a very well trained lead vocalist as well.
Now he’s releasing the solo album ”Second Glance”, where he sings his own penned songs and drums / percussion of course. Hermansson is helped by top class Scandi from bands such as Europe, Treat, Electric Boys, 220 Volt, Grand Design, Blindstone and more.
And the drummer shows us he has more than drum sticks in his bag on a very good solo album…

STRŸKENINE – Into You (2021)

Scandinavia has for many years been known for delivering promising musical acts worldwide, especially in the melodic rock / AOR scene. Don’t be surprised if Strÿkenine becomes the next act from Sweden that takes the world stage on their shoulders.
While the band has released a very good EP, singles, and a recent ‘Live in Lockdown! Nowhere to Play’ live into the studio set of songs, it wasn’t until a couple of months when they recorded “Into You” (an Ariana Grande cover done Scandi Melodic Rock!) that they got radio airplay and mass press attention.
It doesn’t matter the way, this helped Strÿkenine to become more known, and already major specialized labels from the genre are interested to sign up the band.
Strÿkenine are ’80s inspired Melodic Rock / AOR with a classy Scandinavian flavor in the vein of H.E.A.T, Art Nation, One Desire, Brother Firetribe, Sapphire Eyes, etc.
Check out these guys!
Only at 0dayrox

HEAVY METAL – Music From The Motion Picture [Vinyl LP reissue] (2017)

After many requests, here’s in exclusive the legendary “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture“, in its 2-LP recent release. This is part of the Rhino Records ‘Rocktober’ series, an annual campaign featuring limited edition vinyl releases of classic albums, issued in October, 2017.
The 2-LP release is only available in the U.S. and Canada, already sold out now and very expensive.
‘Heavy Metal’ is a 1981 Canadian-American adult animated sci-fi-fantasy film based in the Heavy Metal Magazine, which was the basis for the film. Like the magazine, the film features a great deal of graphic violence, sexuality, and nudity, censored at various countries.
The movie soundtrack features songs inspired by the story, but most the artists involved aren’t musically ‘heavy metal’ at all. The term is used here into other context.
Musically, “HEAVY METAL : Music From The Motion Picture” offers more than the title suggests, and the songs fit perfectly with their respective film segments. Most songs from the likes of Journey, Cheap Trick, Blue Oyester Club, etc, are exclusive to this soundtrack, some never appeared into any other release, some are different from the originals, noted as ‘Soundtrack Version’.

ULTIMATE EAGLES (Danny Vaughn lead vocals) – Taking It To The Limit (out of print)

As requested, here’s the album recorded by ULTIMATE EAGLES – the Eagles’ tribute band fronted by Tyketto‘s very own Danny Vaughn. Originally known as Illegal Eagles, the band changed its name to ULTIMATE EAGLES, and as the name suggests, their aim is to make it simply the very best Eagles tribute band in the world.
ULTIMATE EAGLES performed hundreds of shows all over USA receiving rave reviews and sold out venues. It was time for the combo to put on CD some of these versions so they entered into the studio to track down this 12-song album “Taking It To The Limit“, titled after the Eagles’ hit of the same name.
All members – talented musicians – of course contribute vocals to recreate The Eagles’ layered harmonies, but it’s Danny Vaughn who take the leads. And as always, he shines all over.
Self-released and very hard to find…

GRETA VAN FLEET – The Battle At Garden’s Gate (2021)

When GRETA VAN FLEET exploded into the scene, these bunch of young musicians were regarded as the future for classic rock. And there was a reason; talent. The quartet emerged from out of nowhere (well, Frankenmuth, Michigan) boasting a brand of timelessly bluesy guitar hard rockin’ music that snatched mainstream interest with an immediacy that hadn’t been seen since the genre’s hazy heyday.
There were naysayers aplenty, of course, lobbing accusations of algorithm-driven inauthenticity, boomer-music fetishism and downright plagiarism, but the tide of stadium-ready swagger and old-school soul could not be quelled.
Two-and-a-half years – and a full-blown global pandemic – further down the highway it’s easy to wonder whether GVF’s youthful easygoing and lightning-in-a-bottle electricity might’ve been dissipated by the music industry grind.
Second full album ”The Battle At Garden’s Gate“, however, finds them with eyes only for rock’s good shit, doubling-down on everything that thrust them to prominence in the first place…

ROBBIE LaBLANC – Double Trouble (2021)

Robbie LaBlanc is not only one of the melodic rock world’s most admired singers, but increasingly its most prolific. It’s only a few months since the East Temple Avenue album was released, where he lent his golden voice to, but now comes his first album under his own name, titled “Double Trouble“.
It’s very much a partnership with two of the scene’s greats, in FM singer Steve Overland and respected guitarist Tommy Denander, who have written and produced the album.
While Robbie’s bands Blanc Faces and East Temple Avenue sat firmly in the AOR mainstream, and the Find Me albums boasted a more clinical, keyboard-driven approach, on this occasion they have created an almost vintage melodic hard rock sound, with a natural rather than formularised feel, which is to be commended…

TEMPLE BALLS – Pyromide (2021)

Finland based rockers TEMPLE BALLS made a big step: for their third album “Pyromide” they got signed by Frontiers Music, and the recording has been produced by the new golden boy in this matter: Jona Tee, of H.E.A.T
This is a a tour de force of melodic hard rock that sees the band pushing themselves onto the world stage via killer hooks, powerful rhythms, and anthemic rock ‘n roll like it was meant to be played.
For the past couple of years, Temple Balls has kept busy both in the studio and on the stage. Opening for such bands as Sonata Arctica, Queen, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep, the band has proven to be more than capable to handle stages of any size, whether it be a big festival or your local club’s stage.
“Pyromide” is a stunning punch in the face for all lovers of genre, with a killer sound and catchy songwriting…

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN – Monuments (2021)

These days, there’s no shortage of rock bands aiming to recapture the seductive coolness of 1970s classic rock, heavy progressive rock, and blues-rock. However, few do it as captivatingly and confidently as THE VINTAGE CARAVAN.
Influenced by iconic artists like Deep Purple, Cream, Led Zeppelin and Rush, the group have always done a remarkable job of paying homage to those classic subgenres while continuously evolving their characteristic elements.
On their upcoming album ‘‘Monuments” they outdo themselves once again by crafting the most thoroughly engaging, sophisticated, and cohesive record of their career. The Vintage Caravan’s ”Monuments” is a pristine example of how to do retro rock right. It’s an essential listen with an invigorating take on those older styles…

ICON OF SIN – Icon Of Sin (2021)

ICON OF SIN is the new project centered around the vocal talents of the popular Brazilian YouTube sensation Raphael Mendes. He is joined in the band by two other stellar Brazilian musicians, Sergio Mazul (SEMBLANT) and Marcelo Gelbcke (LANDFALL).
On their self-titled debut via Frontiers music the band takes all their influences resulting into a varied, melodic collection of songs ranging from from classic Hard Rock to traditional Metal with a sound that gets clear taking a quick look at the ’80s-like CD artwork.
They carry the torch of these timeless genres that will never die. And they do it very well on their self-titled debut album. Young dudes which just born when this type of rock ruled. Young dudes plenty of passion on what they do…

LIV KRISTINE – Have Courage Dear Heart (2021)

Talented vocalist LIV KRISTINE (ex-LEAVES’ EYES, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) announced the release of her new EP, “Have Courage Dear Heart” consisting of five brand new songs. The title track originally existed as a mandolin tune, which Liv’s partner composer Tommy sent her “just for fun” early summer 2019. Now it’s a vibrant midtempo rocker with an imaginary widescreen Western movie setting.
The track “Skylight”, which was released as a strongly limited single, got its own new version, while “Serenity” expresses a cool “kick-ass-Saturday-morning” drive vibe. All compositions…

MICHAEL SWEET – Reborn Again (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Another worldwide exclusive at 0dayrox: MICHAEL SWEET‘s new solo album ”Reborn Again”. This is the original solo album Michael planned in early 2000’s, but ended being a Stryper comeback album after reunite again titled ‘Reborn’, of course, re-recorded by all members.
Says Michael: “After years of requests and a lot of thought, I decided to release the original versions/tracks and add some things that I felt were always missing: guitar solos, high vocal notes, more rhythm guitars, synth parts and an alternate version of “Passion”. The original drums and bass are clean and punchy and Derek & Lou did an outstanding job laying down the foundation. I’ve always wanted everyone to hear what these original versions sound alike”
And they sound great…
The general style on “‘Reborn Again” is pretty less heavier than on the Stryper versions of these songs. Overall melodic and driven by modern riffs, Michael vocals are on spot here…

The Lost UK Jewels Vol.20 ; VALENTINO – Valentino [complete recordings 1986-1990 remastered] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here’s in exclusive at 0dayrox another installment from ”The Lost UK Jewels series”, the complete recordings 1986-1990 from melodic glam hard rockers VALENTINO, fully remastered from the original tapes.
Formed by 4 Italian guys but established in UK, Valentino was influenced by the American glam metal explosion in the vein of Icon, Black ‘n’ Blue, second half of ’80s KISS an alike.
Valentino managed to have some professional master-recordings, during 1986, at the end of 1987, during 1988 and a final one (1990). All these are featured here, collector’s material. The sound quality is very good, with well produced songs and strong songwriting & musicianship.
You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox