ROUGH CUTT - III (2021) full

Out of nowhere and after more than two decades, ROUGH CUTT featuring Paul Shortino, Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne are leasing the band’s third album, simply titled “III“. The trio enlisted help from former Quiet Riot and Ratt guitarist Carlos Cavazo to play some lead guitar on some tunes.
Rough Cutt III is composed of songs that were written by the band members when they reunited a few years ago and intended to record new music. I should point out that long-time followers of the band will notice that the tracks “Prowler,” “Peyote” and “House of Pain” were previously available on the Rough Cutt Live album issued in the mid-’90s. That album is now out of print, and adding these bonus studio cuts brings additional value to this release.
Rough Cutt’s comeback not only is a very nice surprise, but also “III” is absolutely awesome, for us already one of the best hard rock of the year 2021.

There’s a great melody, hook, chorus and an absolutely blistering solo on “Bed Of Black Roses”, while “Electric” features a killer driving groove, with a fantastic and memorable riff. Then “Dive” and “Bleed” are great representation of modern era Cutt, where Shortino’s signature vocal is undeniable.
“Prowler” is lead by the thumping bass of Matt Thorne. The track is dark and gritty, and is enhanced with some progressive elements. Shortino really flexes his vocal muscles here.
We find very strong rockers on “Don’t Say A Word” and “Secrets”, and “Chasing Your Dreams” which closes the album is an all acoustic affair that highlights Shortino’s still present, magnificent vocal abilities.

While the dual guitar harmonies that have been one of early Rough Cutt trademarks are diminished here, now the band privileges the groove, and fits very well this 2021 line-up / style approach. Shortino is in great voice and the band feels energetic, tight.
Rough Cutt ‘III’ is a very good album and comeback, and well worth all these years of wait for a new recording.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Dive
02 – Bleed
03 – Bed Of Black Roses
04 – Don’t Say A Word
05 – Electric
06 – Secrets
07 – House Of Pain
08 – Prowler
09 – Peyote
10 – Chasing Dreams

Paul Shortino – vocals, acoustic guitar
Amir Derakh – guitars
Matt Thorne – bass, guitar, background vocals
Carlos Cavazo – lead guitar (2, 3, 5)
Chris Hager – guitar (7, 8, 9)
Dave Alford – drums (7, 8, 9)



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  1. Jayman says:

    WOW! Thanx 0Day, didn’t really think we’d hear anything new from these guys, loved them back in the day and thnx for putting up some of the older ones here lately, thanks again for all you do here for us!

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