PLATENS – Of Poetry And Silent Mastery [Japan Edition +3] (2021)

PLATENS - Of Poetry And Silent Mastery [Japan Edition +3] (2021) full

Of Poetry and Silent Mastery” is the new studio album by Italian combo PLATENS to be released next Friday, appeared today in Japan including 3 exclusive bonus tracks. The project is the brainchild of talented vocalist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Dario Grillo, who decided to continue the legacy started with the first two albums “Between Two Horizons” (2004) and “Out of the World” (2014), both enthusiastically received by fans and critics alike.
Now, after seven years from the release of the second installment, Platens is finally back with this third, and strongest effort so far. “Of Poetry and Silent Mastery” is an elaborated blending of melodic rock, AOR oriented melodies and clever heavy influences, all wisely mixed together by Dario’s bombastic production work.

The new album is the natural evolution of previous Platens work, both in terms of lyrics and sound. The structures of the songs, however, are more immediate. The production emphasizes the guitar aspect much more than the symphonic waves of the past, creating a noticeable rocking attack. So it’s a more direct, song-oriented material than before.

While this is Dario’s project, he is joined by a handful of other first-rate artists: first of all on the drums there is his brother Alex Grillo, then other guests cover roles on keyboards, vocals, guitar solos, thus greatly enriching the intense work that the composer has managed to create on his own.
In this album we find the vocalist Katya Miceli (who also performed at The Voice of Italy), keyboardist Gabriels, confirming the longtime collaboration with Dario, and guitarists Mirko Turchetta, Dan Logoluso (Timesword), Orazio Fontes (Gray Owl) and Davide Perruzza (No Gravity), all engaged with strong solos.

There’s melodic hard rock / AOR twists all over “Of Poetry and Silent Mastery”, but on the heavier side of these. genres, resulting as whole a more melodic metal piece of work, delightfully technical, full of a theatricality, managing to be rich in an intimate and suggestive arrangements.

Dario has a powerful voice, which is revealed right from the beautiful opener “Conspiracy”, one of Gabriels’ keyboard tracks. “Wait For Me” visits territories of bands such as Helloween, Axel Rudi Pell and, why not, ’80s Malmsteen, while on “Easily” the radio-friendly, melodic approach appears.
As seen, a varied set.

The heavy power ballad “The Path” is very good, then the metallic increases for “End Of The World” (feat. Gabriels and Dan Logoluso on the guitar solo). Things get more proggy with “Paralyzed” (feat. Davide Perruzza), while “Winter” is a melancholy track enriched by the beautiful female voice of Katya Miceli.

A sweet ’80s aura appears on “Open Arms” (feat. Mirko Turchetta) and “Where The River Flows”, while “Give Or Let Go” is poignant but full of hope, a track with very tantalizing vintage sounds. A great keyboard / piano work graces “Close But Far” – the other song with Katya Miceli – intensified by the solo by Orazio Fontes.

“Of Poetry and Silent Mastery” is a really complete piece of work from Platens, a varied but cohesive record with something for everyone, very well composed, performed & produced.
Highly Recommended


Marquee / Avalon ~ 【MICP-11637】

01. Conspiracy
02. Wait For Me
03. Easily
04. The Path
05. End Of The World
06. Paralyzed
07. Winter
08. Open Arms
09. Give Or Let Go
10. Where The River Flows
11. Close But Far
12. Intro Inferno (Japan Bonus Track)
13. Inferno (Japan Bonus Track)
14. Christmas Day (Japan Bonus Track)

Dario Grillo: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Alex Grillo: Drums & Percussion
Special guests:
Katya Miceli: Vocals on “Winter” & “Close But Far”
Gabriels: Synth Solos
Mirko Turchetta: Guitar Solo on “Open Arms”
Dan Logoluso: Guitar Solo on “End of the World”
Orazio Fontes: Guitar Solo on “Close But Far”
Davide Perruzza: Guitar Solo on “Paralyzed”



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