JOE LAMONT – Secrets You Keep [YesterRock remaster]

JOE LAMONT - Secrets You Keep [YesterRock remaster] full

A pure ’80s AOR piece, JOE LAMONT‘s “Secrets You Keep” has been screaming for a proper remastering for years. Not only this YesterRock remastered reissue is the first official release of the album on CD, but also it sounds fabulous.

During the late Seventies / early Eighties, Joe, with his real name Joe Lamente was part of quite influential bands such as Steeplechase and pompsters Shelter (USA).
Also an accomplished songwriter for others, after Shelter, Joe was signed by CBS for as solo artist, and recommended the name change for the more commercial ‘Joe Lamont’.
His debut “Secrets You Keep” was released in 1985 on the CBS-affiliated Private I label.

What’s so special about this AOR gem, is not only the quality of the songs on offer, but also the list of musicians. The who who’s from the LA Session scene were recruited for the recording, including the great Dann Huff on all guitars, Vinnie Colaiuta, Alan Pasqua, Paulinho da Costa, etc.

All tracks ooze that magical, unrepeatable ’80s sound & style, like terrific opener / title track ‘Secrets You Keep’, the rather smooth ‘Total Breakdown and ‘No Explanation’, the uber melodic ‘One Rumor Too Many’, the album’s closing track ‘Enemy Lines’, or the power ballad ‘Victims of Love’ which become a hit in Japan.

JOE LAMONT - Secrets You Keep [YesterRock remaster] - back

There were several unofficial / bootlegs of “Secrets You Keep”, all transferred from vinyl with questionable quality. Finally, this YesterRock remastered reissue is the real deal.
AOR lovers, grab the chance to add this hard to find album to your collection, you won’t regret it.
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01 – Secrets You Keep
02 – No Explanation
03 – Total Breakdown
04 – Heartbreak City
05 – One Rumor Too Many
06 – The Wanting
07 – Victims Of Love
08 – Sharks
09 – Enemy Lines

Joe Lamont: vocals
Dan Huff: guitars
Richard Gibbs: keyboards, synths
Rick Chudocoff: bass, synths
Kerry Hatch, Reggie Mcbride: bass
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Paulinho Decosta: percussion
Bill Cuomo, Alan Pasqua,Larry Williams: synths
Peter Bunetta: Simmons drums, percussion
Michael Jochum: Simmons Programming
Fred Tackett: acoustic guitar on 7


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2 Responses

  1. dj-biomassa says:

    goooood album
    good remaster
    thank you !!!!!

  2. Jimmy says:

    Thank you for this album. I love Victim of Love and Secrets You Keep. By the way, Joe Lamont isn’t Joe Lamente, they are different singers. This is a mistake from Wikipedia.

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