DENNIS DeYOUNG – 26 East Volume 2 (2021)

DENNIS DeYOUNG - 26 East Volume 2 (2021) full

Former Styx frontman DENNIS DeYOUNG is back with the second volume of his fond farewell to recorded music, “26 East, Vol. 2” As with the preceding volume, “26 East, Vol. 2” once again hints strongly at DeYoung’s rock roots with Styx.
The production and musicianship are epic, and those timeless vocal arrangements get delivered in spades. A fitting goodbye and a final signature on an outstanding body of work which will stand the test of time.
DeYoung has previously stated that “26 East” will mark his retirement from the world of recorded music. Thanks to the abundance of material, Dennis agreed to split the album in two parts. This second half starts where the previous one left off and sees DeYoung collaborate again with the awesome Jim Peterik, a fellow Chicagoan and nearby neighbor, for the songwriting on select tracks.
Peterik also play guitar, bass, does backing vocals, and there’s many others musicians collaborating here.

“26 East” was the address where DeYoung grew up in Roseland, IL on the far south side of Chicago. This is where Styx was formed in his basement in 1962. Across the street lived the Panozzo twins, John and Chuck, who along with DeYoung would go on to form the nucleus of Styx.
The process that brought forth the album beginning in the first place started when Jim Peterik, a fellow Chicagoan and nearby neighbor, sent a song to Dennis.
“If not for Jim Peterik’s encouragement, talent and prodding I would not have recorded this music,” says DeYoung. “He once told me the world needed my music; to which I replied ‘have the world text me for verification.’
We collaborated from the get go, happily and seamlessly and at this time we have written 9 songs together of which five will be on Volume 1. Just two Chicago guys doing what they do best, making music and having a laugh.”


01 – Hello Goodbye
02 – Land of the Living
03 – The Last Guitar Hero (feat. Tom Morello)
04 – Your Saving Grace
05 – Proof of Heaven
06 – Made for Each Other
07 – There’s No Turning Back Time
08 – St. Quarantine
09 – Little Did We Know
10 – Always Time
11 – The Isle of Misanthrope
12 – Grand Finale

Dennis DeYoung – vocals, keyboards, synth bass
Jim Peterik – guitar, bass, vocals
Mike Aquino, August Zadra, Jim Leahey – guitar
Tom Morello – guitar solo on ‘The Last Guitar Hero’
Jim Majors – bass
Mike Morales, Ed Breckenfeld, M. DeYoung, Khari Parker – drums
Tim Bales, Steve Eisen horns on ‘Hello Goodbye’
Mr. Tacit – accordion
Kevin Chalfant, Suzanne DeYoung, Tito Gobi – backing vocals


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