JOURNEY – Escape +7 {Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 Limited Release} (2017) out of print

JOURNEY - Escape +7 {Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 Limited Release} (2017) out of print full

As part of the Sony Music Japan 2017 reissue campaign on some JOURNEY classic albums, here’s this superb Blu-Spec CD2 / DSD remastering Limited Pressing of the band’s classic “Escape“, their greatest selling album ever including no less than 7 bonus tracks, 3 of them never featured before into any remastered  reissue.

“Escape” was THE groundbreaking album for Journey, charting three singles inside Billboard’s Top 10, with “Don’t Stop Believing” reaching number nine, “Who’s Crying Now” number four, and “Open Arms” peaking at number two and holding there for six weeks.
“Escape” flung Journey steadfastly into the AOR arena, combining Neal Schon’s grand yet palatable guitar playing with Jonathan Cain’s delicious keyboards. All this was topped off by the passionate, wide-ranged vocals of Steve Perry, who is the true lifeblood of this album, and this band.

JOURNEY - Escape +7 {Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 Limited Release} (2017) booklet

The songs and sound on “Escape” defined the genre, with more hooks and a harder cadence compared to their former style. “Who’s Crying Now” spotlights the sweeping fervor of Perry’s voice, while with “Don’t Stop Believing,” the whisper of Perry’s ardor is crept up to with Schon’s searing electric guitar work, making for a perfect AOR song.
One of the genre most beautiful ballads in history, “Open Arms,” gleams with an honesty and feel only Steve Perry could muster.

Outside of the singles, there is a certain electricity that circulates through the rest of the album. The songs are timeless, built from heartfelt songwriting and sturdy musicianship.

JOURNEY - Escape +7 {Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 Limited Release} (2017) back

This Remastered Japanese Blu-Spec CD2 2017 reissue includes not only the bonus tracks appeared in previous reissues (such as the B-Side “La Raza Del Sol”) but 3 extra cuts.
“Natural Thing” was the B-Side of Don’t Stop Believin’, “Little Girl” (from the soundtrack Dream, After Dream), while the live version of “Still They Ride” was recorded in Oklahoma, 1983.

This is a low-priced Blu-Spec CD2 reissue, available for a limited period of time until the end of 2017, so place your order right now.



01 – Don’t Stop Believin’
02 – Stone In Love
03 – Who’s Crying Now
04 – Keep On Runnin’
05 – Still They Ride
06 – Escape
07 – Lay It Down
08 – Dead Or Alive
09 – Mother, Father
10 – Open Arms
11 – La Raza Del Sol [Japan bonus track]
12 – Don’t Stop Believin’ (Live Version) [Japan bonus track]
13 – Who’s Crying Now (Live Version) [Japan bonus track]
14 – Open Arms (Live Version) [Japan bonus track]
15 – Natural Thing [2017 bonus track]
16 – Little Girl [2017 bonus track]
17 – Still They Ride (Live Oklahoma ’83) [2017 bonus track]

Steve Perry – lead vocals
Neal Schon – lead guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Cain – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Ross Valory – bass, backing vocals
Steve Smith – drums, percussion, backing vocals


out of print

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