WILDLIFE (pre Steve Overland’s FM) – Burning [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021)

WILDLIFE (pre Steve Overland's FM) - Burning [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021) full

Rock Candy Records just remastered & reloaded “Burning“, the debut album from WILDLIFE, a long lost Steve Overland’s FM related melodic rock / AOR obscurity resurrected for the modern age. Steve, his bro Chris Overland and drummer Pete Jupp were the core of the band, and would later become the core of FM.
Discovered by the late Adam Faith, WILDLIFE recorded ”Burning” (originally released in 1980) produced by Rupert Hine (Rush, Saga) a buoyant, focused debut.
The songs and the production are clearly influenced by the early ’80s AOR sound from America. The title track, ‘Too Close To The Heart’ and ‘If The Night’ are high caliber material. But despite its quality, it was tough for a UK band to make a mark in the genre. So, many people passed on it.

”Burning” sounds like something The Babys or Franke & The Knockouts might have released at the time. Even though it’s much lighter than what Overland would go on to do with FM, ”Burning” still is a noteworthy album if you’re a fan of Steve Overland.
Even very young here, you’ll hear that smooth, instantly recognizable voice, and clearly he could use it in soft and hard rock settings.
Although the album failed to dent the charts, it did however, lay the groundwork for a follow up album three years later.

Rock Candy’s reissue of ”Burning” marks the first time this album has been released on CD. It features a brand new digital remastering and while seems the original tapes are lost, to our ears it sounds good.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Burning
02 – Playing It Too Close To The Heart
03 – Alena
04 – Misplaced Love
05 – If The Night
06 – The Incredible Shrinking Love
07 – I’m Winning
08 – That Diamond
09 – Too Late
10 – Only A Fool

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Steve Overland
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar – Chris Overland
Bass – Bob Skeat
Drums, Percussion – Pete Jupp
Keyboards – Mark Booty



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  1. Örjan says:

    Thanks for the fifth and final record from this round of Rock Candy. Looking forward to the six records coming on April 30th. Especially the Silent Rage discs. But until they come, I have these Rock Candy wishes … Candy011, Stampede – Hurricane Town. Candy027, The Throbs – The Language Of Thieves And Vagabonds. Candy028, Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction – Tattooed Beat Messiah. Can you arrange any / some / all of these wishes?

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