RAGING SLAB – Raging Slab [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

RAGING SLAB - Raging Slab [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] full

As requested, here’s the Rock Candy Records remastered reissue of NYC Hard Rockers RAGING SLAB self titled 1989 album “Raging Slab“.
Signed by RCA Records and herded into the recording studio with legendary producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Circus Of Power, etc) they crafted one of the greatest – or at least original – debut albums of the decade. With their hard rock southern bluesy mix, the Slab – as they were affectionately tagged – made for one hell of a circus side-show.
This is punchy, urgent, fried-chicken in motor-oil heavy stuff with a Seventies southern rock mojo amped with ’80s distortion / reverb, catchy as Hell.

Raging Slab’s first major-label album is pretty interesting in retrospect, in that it’s both of its time and very clearly a harbinger of the future — which of course is all the more bemusing in that the band was so clearly inspired by the past more than anything else.
The quintet’s obsession with ’70s rock trudge and stomp — perfectly evident with song titles like “Shiny Mama,” “Get off My Jollies,” and “San Loco” — pretty soon would get full validation among classic rockers and beyond.

It’s a fun album, a loud enough grind and shake that’s actually a bit easygoing in ways — songs like “Joy Ride” and “Bent for Silver” wouldn’t sound out of place over the PA while waiting for a Foghat show. Elyse Steinman’s work on bottleneck guitar combined with the rest of the feedback is a nice touch — it’s not quite Lynyrd Skynyrd’s triple-guitar attack, but it’s not entirely meant to be, and songs like “Geronimo” easily benefit from it.
Meanwhile, Greg Strzempka’s singing has the swagger down if not quite a unique, memorable approach, though it works surprisingly well on the quieter, downright tender songs like “Love Comes Loose” – very well indeed.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Don’t Dog Me
02 – Joy Ride
03 – Sorry’s All I Got
04 – Waiting for the Potion
05 – Get Off My Jollies
06 – Shiny Mama
07 – Geronimo
08 – Bent for Silver
09 – Love Comes Loose
10 – Dig a Hole
11 – San Loco

Vocals, Guitar – Gregory Strzempka
Guitar – Elyse Steinman
Lead Guitar – Mark Middleton
Bass – Alec Morton
Drums – Bob Pantella



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