LIV KRISTINE – Have Courage Dear Heart (2021)

LIV KRISTINE - Have Courage Dear Heart (2021) full

Talented vocalist LIV KRISTINE (ex-LEAVES’ EYES, ex-THEATRE OF TRAGEDY) announced the release of her new EP, “Have Courage Dear Heart” consisting of five brand new songs. The title track originally existed as a mandolin tune, which Liv’s partner composer Tommy sent her “just for fun” early summer 2019. Now it’s a vibrant midtempo rocker with an imaginary widescreen Western movie setting.
The track “Skylight”, which was released as a strongly limited single, got its own new version, while “Serenity” expresses a cool “kick-ass-Saturday-morning” drive vibe.

All compositions deal with deeply personal issues such as the beauty of nature, the universe and its laws, twin-soul connection, self-love, narcissism, healing and finding a voice.
“Have Courage Dear Heart” will be released as well in a very limited edition physical CD / LP, including some live recordings.


1 – Serenity
2 – Have Courage Dear Heart
3 – Skylight
4 – Gravity
5 – Skylight Cathedral


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