PAGE 99 – Page 99 (2021)

PAGE 99 - Page 99 (2021) full

Founded by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer John Nixon, the PAGE 99 project born to keep the ideals of great West Coast / AOR music of the 1970s and ‘80s alive. Classic chord progressions, sophisticated melodies, and top-level musicianship are values that should never be lost or diminished in this genre, and PAGE 99 not only take care of it, but also add a fresh updated approach.
In the style of artists such as Toto, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Marc Jordan, Kenny Loggins, Pages, Airplay, and more, Nixon & PAGE 99 with a new generation of session musicians from across the globe have done a stupendous job: vintage sounds made new again!


01 – Fantasy World
02 – Harmony (feat Duane Allen Harlick)
03 – Sunrise on the Water
04 – Nothing You Can Do About It
05 – Finally Been Forgettin’
06 – Show Me
07 – September
08 – Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong (feat Duane Allen Harlick)
09 – Must Be the Weather
10 – While the Music’s On (feat Duane Allen Harlick)
11 – Lea

John Nixon – Vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion
Russ Fitzpatrick – Vocals, all vocal arrangements
Andrea Di Puccio – Guitars
Bill Salisbury – Bass
Duane Allen Harlick – Vocals, guitars



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