HATE – Save You (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HATE - Save You (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Released at the end of 2020, “Save You” is the new album from ’80s Italian rockers HATE, recently re-formed two years ago.
When we received this copy of “Save You”, looking at the album’s cover art, the band’s logo, and their name, we were expecting a metal act… not at all.
Hate plays classic Eighties hard rock, the kind of elaborated tunes with tempo shifts and different, interesting passages / arrangements / melodies between songs. For sure not your ‘by numbers’ band at the time of composing rock music.

Founded in 1984 in Genova, Italy, HATE recently reunited with its original core consisting of Enzo (vocals, bass), David (guitar) and Luca (drums), with the addition of new guitarist Davide Faccioli (ex hard rockers Garybaldi).

The old school vibe of these guys comes out immediately; you feel the attitude, the passion, the warmth and the grit in every second of the record. There’s a true love for (melodic) hard rock from the golden years here.

There is a street attitude (“Break It”), glam metal (“Doctor”), references to the good old Aerosmith (“The Choice”), a bit of Led Zeppelin (“Higher”) or even Treat (“Hot and Dangerous”).
Musicianship is very good. Take as example the melodic hard of “First Love” with its powerful guitar riffs that also delight with incendiary solos, the beautiful ballads “Angel On The Run” (great arrangement) and the sweet “I’ll Be There”, but also the explosive “There’s No Lie” or the hot “On Fire”.

All these are melodic driven pieces and the choruses are always pleasant and memorable, a sign that the band’s experience has been fruitful even though many years have passed since formed.
A separate mention must be made for the impressive title track “Save You” which starts slowly in acoustic mode and then explodes into an epic electric crescendo full of pathos that would leave no one indifferent.

It doesn’t matter if different influences pop up at places, because HATE has their own beating heart and delivers elaborated stuff on every note. “Save You” brings back the ’80s sound (good production) and hard rockin’ style with melody and personality.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Break It
02 – First Love
03 – Doctor
04 – The Choice
05 – Angel On The Run
06 – There’s No Lie
07 – Higher
08 – On Fire
09 – Hot And Dangerous
10 – I’ll Be There
11 – Save Me

Enzo Vittoria – bass, lead vocals
David Cardonna – guitars, vocals
Luca Lopez – drums
Davide Faccioli – guitars, vocals



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