STEVE PERRY – Traces: Alternate Versions & Sketches (Advance + extras)

STEVE PERRY - Traces: Alternate Versions & Sketches (Advance + extras) full

STEVE PERRY will release ”Traces (Alternate Versions & Sketches)‘, an acoustic / remix version of his 2018’s album ‘Traces’. We have the advance of the disc which features updates of seven songs found on the original.
‘Alternative Versions and Sketches’ opens with a radio mix of “Most of All”, which video to promote this new release is featured below.

Perry said that he’s “really proud” of the revamped versions. “The acoustic Traces is going to close the Traces chapter,” he added. “Then I’m opening up another chapter next year at some point.”

Produced by Perry and his longtime collaborator and friend, Thom Flowers, ‘Traces Alternative Versions & Sketches’ offers a fascinating glimpse into Steve’s creative process and a deeper understanding into an already treasured album.
“When writing these songs, the original inspiration is always my first compass – where the songs should go,” stated Perry. “Alternate Versions & Sketches is exactly that, and I’m very excited to have you hear the original seeds of these songs.”

Traces was his first solo studio project in nearly 25 years, following 1994’s For the Love of Strange Medicine. Perry’s last record with Journey, Trial by Fire, came out two years later. He largely avoided the limelight after separating from the group, but then became inspired to reignite his career following the 2012 death of girlfriend Kellie Nash.

Perry said his next chapter will likely include more new music: “I have a studio and I’m always writing and always recording stuff.”
As extras, we have the singles Perry released in 2019, including an Alternate Mix of “Sun Shines Gray”, plus many of his guest spots for other artists.


Traces: Alternate Versions & Sketches:
01 – Most Of All (radio mix)
02 – I Need You (acoustic)
03 – Most Of All (stripped)
04 – No Erasin’ (acoustic)
2019 Tracks:
05 – Sun Shines Gray (Alternate Mix)
06 – Silver Bells (Edit)
07 – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Remix)
08 – David Pack – A Brand New Start (feat Steve Perry)
09 – Jeff Golub – Can’t Let You Go (feat Steve Perry)
10 – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Soldiers Of Peace (feat Steve Perry)
11 – America – (Can’t Fall Asleep To A) Lullaby (feat Steve Perry)
12 – Clannad – White Fool (feat Steve Perry)
13 – Forrest McDonald – It’s Over (feat. Steve Perry)


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  1. Scupp says:

    The Can’t Let You Go track with Jeff Golub is a hidden and very unknown peach of a track which many Perry fans will be amazed to hear.

    Thanks for the upload bro.

  2. Derrick says:

    Thank you.

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