IVORY TOWER – Heart Of The City [Digitally Remastered Ltd. Edition] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

IVORY TOWER - Heart Of The City [Digitally Remastered Ltd. Edition] (2020-2021) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Let’s welcome a new reissue label called Aqua Net Records. Aqua Net is an American brand of hair spray notable for its popularity especially in the ’80s, used by all rock n’ roll bands from the era, which derived into the so called ‘hair metal’. Yes, Aqua Net Records will be specialized into obscure, rare, hard to find albums / bands from the genre.
The label start operations with AQN01, the remastered reissue on CD of IVORY TOWER‘s “Heart Of The City“.
Originally released in 1988 by indie label Wolfe Records (home of BRITNY FOX and TANGIER first recordings) “Heart Of The City” is a fine document of the heavier side of the 80s U.S. Glam scene plenty of crunchy guitars and catchy melodies, and finally is being reissued on CD with its original LP cover just like the very rare original CD press. Strictly Limited edition of 300 copies.

IVORY TOWER released only this album and sold over 10,000 copies in their native New Jersey area, but unfortunately due some internal problems the band shortly vanished leaving behind a cult following until today.

Songs like “Raise Some Hell”, “Ready To Roll”, and title track “Heart Of The City” rock hard with an anthemic feel-good vibe, while “Fallin’ in Love Again” and “Love Is a Game” showcase the band’s most hair metal, party-ready side.
Of course there’s a power ballad, the strong “Givin’ It All To You”.

“Heart Of The City” was reissued in 2002 but with an annoying cover artwork. This Aqua Net Records 2020-2021 (in some countries will be available next year) brings back the original, and fundamentally, delivers a clear remaster noticeably improving the sound – the album’s production wasn’t the best – quality.
Highly Recommended

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01. Ready To Roll
02. Heart Of The City
03. Givin’ It All To You
04. Break The Chains
05. Love Is A Game
06. Rough And Ready
07. Jump Into The Fire
08. Fallin’ In Love Again
09. Holding On To The Night
10. Raise Some Hell
11. The Pain Lives Forever
12. Eatin’ Out Of My Hand

Mike Wilson – lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Billy Martin – lead guitar, vocals
Joe Lam – bass, vocals
Duke Franc – drums, vocals
George Akerley – additional keyboards (05)



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