BRONZ (Max Bacon) – Taken By Storm [reissue +1]

BRONZ (Max Bacon) - Taken By Storm [reissue +1] full

We have been covering bands / album with stupendous British vocalist Max Bacon, and we can’t miss “Taken By Storm“, the only album by BRONZ. After two stong LP with Nightwing, Bacon joined BRONZ, a band formed in the early ’80s but despite the NWOBHM era exploding around them, the band opted to describe their own music hard rock with a touch of Pomp / AOR. “Everything depends on how you use the keyboards”, pointed out founder Paul Webb (bass) in 1983.
“Taken By Storm” is one of my favorite albums from 1984, mixing like few catchiness, elegant AOR and Brit hard rock pulse into a set of wonderful rockin’ songs.
This is one of these albums with no fillers in sight: all songs are terrific.
A MUST have


01 – Send Down an Angel
02 – Heat of the Night
03 – The Cold Truth
04 – Night Runner
05 – Taken By Storm
06 – Don’t Ever Wanna Lose You
07 – Sweet Lady
08 – Harder Than Diamond
09 – Tiger
10 – Loneliness Is Mine
11 – Stranded 1984 (Bonus Track)

Max Bacon – lead vocals
Paul Webb – bass
Chris Goulstone – keyboards, guitar
Shaun Kirkpatrick – guitars
Carl Matthews – drums



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