AUTUMN’S CHILD – ST [Japanese Edition +1] (2019)

AUTUMN'S CHILD - ST [Japanese Edition +1] (2019) full

Swedish outfit Last Autumn’s Dream decided to stop for a moment due to each member’s schedule was busy. But in the future, they are planning to get together again. In the meantime, frontman Mikael Erlandsson announced a new band, AUTUMN’S CHILD, with their self-titled debut album released by Marquee / Avalon (Japan) in December, at the end of 2019.
Joining Mikael are H.E.A.T’s keyboards player Jona Tee, Moon Safari’s guitarist Pontus Åkesson, Claes Andreasson (acoustic guitar, keys) and drummer Robban Bäck (Eclipse, W.E.T)

AUTUMN’S CHILD rocks much more than the Last Autumn’s Dream albums, always melodic yes, but more biting and with some killer guitar solos to boot.
Of course there’s H.E.A.T, Eclipse, and WET influences, but also Brother Firetribe, Crazy Lixx, and even British icons FM.

All songs are good, if a have to mention a few ‘Cryin’ For Love’ is one of my favs, vibrant, punchy, and extremely melodious at the same time. Akesson’s solos swirl all over, there’s classic keys and lots of harmonies.
Other highlight is Japan bonus track ‘War’ featuring one of the most ‘raspy’ performances by Erlandsson, an anthem from start to finish with a H.E.A.T smell (check out the keyboard solo!).

Then ‘Breaking My Heart Again’ soars (think Talk Of The Town) and it’s another winner for me, perhaps the album’s best song – and one of the best of the year, believe me.
I found ‘Victory’ to be a solid ballad, ‘I’m Done’ brings to mind some The Poodles, then the AOR of ‘Sayonara Eyes’ is pure Last Autumn’s Dream while ‘Northern Light’ has some The Defiants feel.

AUTUMN’S CHILD indeed sounds like a Melodic Rock super-group, and all the guys involved don’t disappoint on this self-titled debut. It’s pure Scandi Melodic Rock with AOR splashes, rich harmonies and catchy choruses.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Rubicon Sign
03 – Glory
04 – Cryin’ For Love
05 – Victory
06 – I’m Done
07 – Sayonara Eyes
08 – Face the Music
09 – Breaking My Heart Again
10 – Everytime
11 – Northern Light
12 – Heaven Knows Your Name
13 – War [Japan Bonus Track]

Mikael Erlandsson (LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM) – vocals, piano, guitar
Claes Andreasson – acoustic guitar, additional keyboards
Pontus Akesson (MOON SAFARI) – guitar solos
Joel Starander, Peter “Pe-Pe” Samuelsson – bass
Jona Tee (H.E.A.T) – keyboards
Robban Back (ECLIPSE, WET) – drums
Hired Guns: Joel Starander, Peter PP Samuelsson – bass



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