SOLE SYNDICATE – Last Days Of Eden (2020)

SOLE SYNDICATE - Last Days Of Eden (2020) full

Growing up all together and listening to the most famous melodic hard rock and metal bands of the ’80s, the five musicians of the uprising Swedish band SOLE SYNDICATE managed to revitalize the genre with their style which can be described as classic hard n’ heavy with strong and catchy melodies (Rock&pop / Melodic rock are part of the foundation of their songwriting too). Their lyrics deal with everything from the state of the world address, politically and environmentally, to the most traditional rock n’ roll way of life.
The title of the exciting upcoming album “Last Days Of Eden” is a reference to what’s happening right now with the ongoing pandemic, rising crime and political instability.
Overall, “Last Days of Eden” is a really good collection of charming hooks, superb vocals and sparkling guitar-solos.

The album starts out with “Wake up” and indeed makes you take notice and tap your foot. Energetic and melodic stuff where the metallic edge comes from the guitar lines and spry rhythm section, and the smoothness from lead vocalist Jonas Mansson’s strong and clean singing. Following these things, crisp guitar solos rise in most every tune.

Next is “…And The Truth Will Set You Free”, the first single. This song has it all great riffs, hooks and memorable chorus. This is sure to be a future staple in their live set. Other standout tracks in this vein (with more accessible AORish touches) are; “We Fall Apart“, “Brothers” and “Pain is Only An Illusion“.

With ”Glory Days” the band try something different. Driven by acoustic guitar and voice, the song is a rising ballad which gets heavier, yet which is still tempered by that acoustic guitar. Later that acoustic guitar delivers a fine solo. Again, another exceptional song.
Then “We Came To Rock” makes justice to its title, an anthemic simple hard rocker yet extremely effective.

Sole Syndicate’s ”Last Days Of Eden” offers listeners some solid, perhaps heavier, melodic hard / metal rock with, at times, some very fine AOR accessibility. A really interesting band, and a very well recorded produced CD.
Highly Recommended


1. Wake Up
2. … And The Truth Will Set You Free
3. We All Fall Apart
4. Glory Days
5. We Came To Rock
6. Brothers
7. Pain Is Only An Illusion
8. Have You Heard It All Before
9. Bring Us A Hero
10. When Darkness Calls

Jonas Månsson (v)
Dennis Heltorp (g)
Niklas Strandanäs (g)
David Gustafsson (b)
Henrik Zetterlund (d)


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