PHENOMENA – Still The Night (2020)

PHENOMENA - Still The Night (2020) full

Still The Night” is the new PHENOMENA album to be released tomorrow. As the sticker on the front cover says: this compilation collects together ALL 17 TRACKS featuring GLENN HUGHES ON LEAD VOCALS.
The songs with Hughes on lead vocals are collected together from the million selling debut Phenomena album, Dream Runner and Psycho Fantasy.
And as special interest this compilation also features final mixes of the RARE tracks ‘Assassins in the Night’, ‘Running with the Pack’ and the 12” remix of ‘Still the Night’.
Do ya need more? It’s the Voice of Rock. And it’s the fantastic PHENOMENA project.


01. Still the Light
02. How Do You Feel?
03. Surrender
04. Dance with the Devil
05. Touch My Life
06. Phoenix Rising
07. Hearts on Fire
08. Believe
09. Running with the Pack
10. Who’s Watching You?
11. Assassins of the Night
12. Double 6, 55, Double 4
13. Kiss of Fire
14. Higher
15. Hell on Wings
16. Twilight Zone
17. Still the Light (12″)

 Glenn Hughes
 Cozy Powell
 Mel Galley
 Neil Murray
 Ric Sanders
 Ted McKenna
 Michael Sturgis
 Richard Bailey


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