LAZARUS DREAM (Carsten Lizard Shultz) – Alive (2020)

LAZARUS DREAM (Carsten Lizard Shultz) - Alive (2020) full

Coming from Germany, LAZARUS DREAM was put together by vocalist Carsten Lizard Shultz (Evidence One, Domain, Dead Heroes Club) and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Markus Pfeffer (Scarlett, Winterland). Joining the pair are drummer Markus Kullmann (Sinner, Glenn Hughes), percussionist Thomas Rieder, and on Hammond and synths, Thomas Nitschke. Next Friday, Pride&Joy will release their debut “ALIVE” (which is a studio record).
Opening with ‘Dawn Of Time’, a melodic metal treat, you’d think perhaps this was going to be a metal album. However, as the next two songs ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Wings Of An Eagle’ (think MSG meets Alcatrazz) ably demonstrate, Lazarus Dream are hard rockers at heart.
The album’s strength is not only the strong melodies but also the numerous guitar solos that are never too OTT, just right for hard rock tunes. They add a pinch of progressive and / or AOR as well.

‘Don’t Blame Me’ is a classic hard rocking chugger, again Markus sprinkles the song with a little guitar magic. Carsten’s vocals certainly are more than a match for the rocking bombast on this one and indeed on the whole album.
The record takes an interesting turn on ‘Listen’, a laid back number with a funky vibe and stunning guitar solo. That illustrates the album’s strong point for me, the musical variety, which could put some off but do give it a fair listen.
There’s a bit of a Graham Bonnet/Alcatrazz sound on ‘Desert Mind’ and the rip roaring ‘Steam’. Loving the backing vocals and Hammond riffs on the latter.

Really hoping Lazarus Dream are not a one-off as Carsten and Markus make a great musical combination. One of 2020’s hard rocking musical treats.


01 – Dawn Of Time
02 – House Of Cards
03 – Wings Of An Eagle
04 – Can’t Take My Soul Away
05 – Listen
06 – Fleshburn
07 – The Healing Echoes
08 – Desert Mind
09 – Visions And Sins
10 – Steam
11 – Don’t Blame Me
12 – Hotel Overload
13 – Days Of Darkness And Rain

Carsten Lizard Shultz – vocals
Markus Pfeffer – guitars, keyboards, bass
Markus Kullman – drums
Thomas Rieder – percussion
Thomas Nitschke – keyboards, Hammond, synths



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