HEARTWIND – Strangers (2020)

HEARTWIND - Strangers (2020) full

HEARTWIND formed around keyboard player Mikael Rosengren and guitarist Goran Engvall (who also played bass on the album). Since their debut release they have changed vocalists bringing in not one, but two vocalists – Nina Soderquist and Stefan Nykvist – with only drummer Peter Svensson remaining from the original line-up.
With this revitalized crew, HEARTWIND is releasing tomorrow their second platter “Strangers“. There are a few notable guest spots too including Mike Lavér (Dynazty), Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T.) and Mats Levén (Treat).
Much more elaborated and catchy than the debut album, ‘Stranger’ is a ‘must listen’ for lovers of Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR.

Heartwind’s debut ‘Higher and Higher’, released in 2018, showcased a promising band. I am pleased to report that ‘Strangers’ is a big improvement all round. From the off ‘Stranger In the Night’ takes the listener on a ride of Scandi melodic treats, with its keys, guitars and catchy chorus.

Nina Soderquist belts it out on ‘Line Of Fire’, a cracking hard rocker, with another fine performance on ‘Angels Cry Again’. The song has a West End/Broadway feel, which suits her style as she has appeared in a number of stage shows.
Stefan Nykvist shows his vocals off to good effect on ‘Amanda’, a song steeped in 80s AOR complete with a scorching solo from Goran Engvall.

There are a few moments of ‘spot the riff’, be it a Kansas or Journey one, but then this sort of music is all about the melodies/songs and having top notch vocalists, which Heartwind certainly have in Soderquist and Nykvist.
Much more impressive than the debut album, ‘Stranger’ is a ‘must listen’ for lovers of Scandinavian melodic rock / AOR.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Strangers in the Night
02 – Line of Fire
03 – Amanda
04 – Angels Cry Again
05 – One Love
06 – I’m Alive
07 – Trial
08 – One of Us Is Crying
09 – Catcher in the Rye
10 – Searching Is over Now

Nina Soderquist (lv)
Stefan Nykvist (lv)
Goran Engvall (g, k, b, bv)
Mikael Rosengren (k)
Peter Svensson (d)


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