BRITNY FOX – The Bite Down Hard Demos I & II *EXCLUSIVE*

BRITNY FOX - The Bite Down Hard Demos I & II *EXCLUSIVE* full

Requested by one of you, here’s the quite rare BRITNY FOX pre-production demos for their third album Bite Down Hard: “The Bite Down Hard Demos“. After two albums, original Britny Fox lead singer Dizzy Dean Davidson left to pursue other opportunities and the band brought in Las Vegas native Tommy Paris for the 3rd LP ‘Bite Down Hard (1991)’
This album resonated with the fans and they now can hear the other tracks written for Bite Down Hard album in their raw format, plus other rarities taped during these session like covers of AC/DC, QUEEN, etc.
These demos were recently released with the title ‘Forbidden Fruits’, but note it’s under the banner ‘Tommy Paris of Britny Fox’ and includes tracks that has nothing in common with the the Bite Down Hard Demos sessions.
What we have here the complete recordings, all Britny Fox, taken from the limited edition CD released by the band (BFRecords) several years ago and now a rarity.
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The Bite Down Hard Demos I
01 – Six Guns Loaded
02 – Louder
03 – Sex’t in Line
04 – See You On Me
05 – Over & Out
06 – Lonely Too Long
07 – Roll Over You
08 – Ready
09 – Riff Raff
10 – Sweet Hitch Hiker
11 – Black & White


BRITNY FOX - The Bite Down Hard Demos I & II front


The Bite Down Hard Demos II
01 – Feel It
02 – Shot from My Gun
03 – Take Me
04 – Liar
05 – Turn On
06 – Lonely Too Long [Tommy Paris solo version]
07 – Stone Cold Crazy
08 – Again
09 – Stay with Me
10 – More Than Your Mouth Can Hold
11 – Great Balls of Fire

Tommy Paris – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael Kelly Smith – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Billy Childs – Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Johnny Dee – Drums, Percussion, Vocals


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